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About Us

“To provide comfortable, chic and casual shoes which are high in quality and affordable for everyone."

Established on 23rd March 2002, Shellys Marketing Sdn. Bhd. core business is in shoe making, focusing in retail chain store management and act as (OEM) supplier for both local and oversea clientele. The operation is led by an experienced team members supported by a strong 300 downstream personnel. Our Managing Director, Mr. Simpson Wong adopted the trade name “XES” which has rapidly grown to fast becoming a household brand. The collective effort of the management and employees help to foster healthy development for the company, with more than 80 outlets nationwide. XES positioned as affordable and contemporary appealing has gain multiple ground, consumer acceptance and are improving both horizontal and vertical, as evidence by the speedy execution of NPD (New Product Development) and rolling out of retail outlets. To further improve our reach, we are working with online portals to expand our horizon. We steadfastly focusing on improving and providing satisfying wearer's experience and moderate in our pursued of fashion statement. With the clear path undertake by the visionary team, XES is poised to become global market player in the year to come.

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