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About Us

We are Pihapi™ from Malaysia!! Pihapi™ is a Malaysian brand for gourmet snacks. Our product range includes Salted Egg Fish Skin, Salted Egg Spicy Fish Skin and Sichuan Mala Hot & Spicy Fish Skin. All our snacks are made in Malaysia. The name of PIHAPI are derived from BE HAPPY, whereby our objective is to make our customers to be happy always. Our task is to create the GREATEST SNACKS IN THE UNIVERSE and it is our responsibility to make sure our snacks are SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS!!



Our Brand Image





BE HAPPY is always our philosophy in running this business. We have therefore created the logo of our brand with more funny, energetic, cheerful, enjoyable and happy elements. We want our customers to be relaxed and feel the happiness when they look at our brand logo and our product packaging before they started to consume our products.   


Our Product Image




Our product packaging design is abstracted from a concept of food-hunting ninjas with different emoji reactions. We are originally from Malaysia but we hope our little ninja snacks will be able to travel the world.