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About Us


BRAND'S uses modern science, rigorous research and innovative technology to unlock the inherent goodness within nature,

helping individuals to enrich their lives and achieve more.


In our commitment to promote overall wellness in health, beauth and positive living, we create possibilities that aim to inspire 

people to be at their best.



Research and Technology

BRAND'S Research Centre serves to discover the mechanisms behind how and why our products work as well as to 

prove their product efficacies through rigorous scientific research.



History and Heritage

In the early 19th century, Mr Henderson William Brand concocted a chicken essence for His Majesty, King George IV of England.

This secret formula became known as BRAND'S Essence of Chicken, which gained prominence over the next 180 years for its nourishing goodness.


Today, BRAND'S Essence of Chicken is available in 19 countries with over 150 million bottles sold worldwide.


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