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Diet Angel

About Us

Our Mission

We supply truly good premium ingredients to inspire and spread the goodness and joy of whole foods creation.

Our Vision

We change the way you think about food. We strive to be the leading source of supply for the best wholesome, truly healthy, truly wonderful premium food products originating from all over the world!

About Us

Founded in 2012, Diet Angel emerged as a 100% Malaysian company, based in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to the consumption of minimally processed organic plant-based diet to help society lead a healthier lifestyle and diet. 

We are passionate about health, interested in creating awareness of the importance of what we eat and the impact it has on our organism, that is why our challenge is to reach individuals and homes with endless options to Malaysian families and beyond, to prepare delicious, natural and nutritional wholesome food using ingredients of premium quality.

We are aware of the damage that chemicals and pesticides cause in us and in the environment, which inspires us to guide our community and the rest of the world to improve their eating habits when creating their beverages, foods, and desserts and to migrate towards a healthier lifestyle by using our products. We are creating a movement of local and global consumption on our social media pages to share our knowledge and the benefits in the organic order as a spearhead where healthy and wholesome foods are aligned.

We believe that freedom and respect are essential to form a healthy business. As an importer and distributor of wholesome products, we are enterprising, honest, focused on seeing long-term results and we strive every day with our team to take home the best flavors and to provide the best premium products in the market.

As we are a team committed to organic and healthy food, we also target to supply our products to organic retailers, supermarkets, pharmacies, natural & health food stores and food producers. We immerse ourself to enjoy the flavors, smells and textures that you like the most because our pillars are to provide quality of excellence in products, the best agile and committed service and satisfaction guarantee to individuals.

We work endlessly, to put at your disposal the best selection of products that meet our quality standards, certifications, and the best taste, being our mission to meet the demands of demanding palates but above all, for those who value their health by knowing what they ingest by giving them great wholesome organic products, obtaining as a result, an increase in their quality of life!

Product Introduction:

Good food comes from good ingredients.

We know you care for your health. We know you are concerned with dairy. We know you are troubled by gluten. We know you are anxious with high Glycemic Index (GI). We know good quality and healthy ingredients matter a lot to you and your family.

We are blessed for the opportunity to introduce these wonderful good foods to you. They are not only good, but great, premium, organic, raw* and whole foods. They are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-fre, cold-processed* and low Glycemic Index. Truly wonderful, truly great in taste, truly it's ALL GOOD!

(*except organic coconut nectar / sugar)

Take time to learn about these products - we assure you will be blessed with the information and knowledge. Take time to create real, whole foods and snacks with these wonderful ingredients - we assure you will be amazed how good they are! Surely, it's ALL GOOD!