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About Us

As a daughter, I found through my own personal experience with my aging parents and senior home that there was a real need in the senior population for products and information that could help our parents and others to continue to live full, independent, more comfortable lives. I am committed to researching the best available products which provide quality and value to help elderly, seniors and boomers with products that are easier to use, operate, understand and handle. 


AIM Healthcare Senior Products is an online store which focuses on selling senior products that provide comfort, safety, and security including aids for daily living for seniors, elderly and disabled. We have a wide range of daily necessities and every day a senior needs from diapers and milk, bath, wheelchair and lots more. I conduct extensive research to find products that not only provide quality and value to our customers, but that can help make life easier, especially when medical problems such as arthritis, memory loss/cognitive disorders, hearing, vision,  or dexterity problems make living at home independently more difficult.


Our customers keep coming to our site regularly to buy things they need. We make buying senior necessities as convenient as possible so you can order from the comforts of their home and the goods delivered straight to their parents’ home.


What sets my company apart is the wealth of senior product information on our website, I hope this will be beneficial to you. Our key strength lies in the trust and loyalty that our community of customers and parents have in us. As such, we are continuously building this community and giving back by organizing free networking and community sessions.