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Steam Vaporiser

Steam Vaporiser
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Product Information

Special Feature

  • All night relief for colds and flu, bronchitis and croup
  • Revolutionary design which is safer and easier to use
  • Works with any tap water - hard or soft
  • Australian designed and owned
  • Full 6 months warranty
  • Suitable for children under 2 years

The Euky Bear Vaporiser is quiet, safer and easy to use. It is recommended for colds, flu, croup and bronchitis and provides all night relief to breathe easier and sleep better. It is Australian designed.

Medical practitioners recommend the use of steam vaporisers. The steam moisturises mucous membranes, reduces irritation and clears mucus from the nose, bronchial tubes and lungs.

Steam Normalises Dry Air
In Winter, the relative humidity can drop to as low as 10%. To feel comfortable and stay healthy, we need to maintain a relative humidity of 40 to 50%. People with respiratory problems are better off when the humidity is increased to 60 to 80%.

Dry air causes the normally liquid thin protective coating of mucus on the linings of the airways to dry and thicken, becoming ineffective. When this happens, the delicate membranes of the nose, throat and larynx become irritated and highly susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections. The moist air from the vaporiser adds moisture to the air to lubricate and restore the use of these vital membranes.

Special Feature - Expanded
Fully enclosed heating element. Some vaporisers have two electrodes in contact with the water. Whenever they are switched on the water is electrified and whenever water is electrified, there is the risk of accidental electrocution.
No medication cup required. Inhalant can be added directly to the water, greatly reducing the risk of accidental poisoning. Medication in the medication cup can attract young children. Children have dipped their fingers into the medication and then put their fingers in their mouths. This eliminates this problem.

No Special Water Required
Operates with any type of water suitable for drinking. It works perfectly in hard or soft water. The steam given off is absolutely pure. Any dissolved minerals in the water remain behind in the water container.

10-12 Hour Operation
Runs continuously for at least 12-14 hours irrespective of water hardness. Other vaporisers may promise long running but using hard water can run out of water in 4 hours or less, meaning it must be refilled in the night or the patient does not get the required treatment.

Starts Quickly
Starts steaming quickly, within three or four minutes with soft or hard water. Other vaporises can take up to 30 minutes to get going.

Safety Night Light
Shows when the Euky Bear Vaporiser is switched on. It is also useful to show exactly where it is in a dark bedroom.

Cool and Efficient
Triple wall insulation of the heating module and concentric ridges in the base of the water container combine to prevent heat loss through convection from the core of the heating module.
Water in the water container remains cool during operation. The Euky Bear Vaporiser is therefore safer to use and it is also more efficient because heat loss is reduced.

Easy to Maintain
The Euky Bear Vaporiser is easy to maintain, clean and store after use. After each use, empty the water container, rinse the heating module and container and dry before storing. Dismantling, cleaning and reassembly are unnecessary.


  • Helps relieve the symptoms of colds and flu, croup and bronchitis
  • Helps relieve the severity of symptoms of colds and flu
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of croup and bronchitis
  • Helps provide humidity to assist the symptoms of cough including hoarseness
  • Uses moist hot air to help thin phlegm and decrease viscosity and stickiness, helping phlegm to be expelled through coughing, thus reducing coughing
  • Also helps create a healthier environment by adding moisture to the air
Direction for Use
  • Pour some Euky Bear Inhalant into the water container.
  • Add water to the required level. The water level is clearly seen through the side of the water container.
  • Lock the heating module into the water container.
  • Place the vaporiser into position.
  • Plug in and switch on power.

Get the most out of your Euky Bear Vaporiser
  • Use only water soluble inhalants in your Vaporiser. Euky Bear Inhalant is water-soluble and specially formulated for your Euky Bear Vaporiser.
  • Use of Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets helps protect the element and keep it free of mineral deposits, ensuring a longer life for your Vaporiser.
  • Use fresh water each time the Vaporiser is used - do not “top up”. There is no need to add any other substances (ie. salt) to change the water quality as the Euky Bear unit operates in all kinds of water.
  • Empty the water container, rinse and dry the heating module after use to keep it clean and germ free.
  • Always disconnect the cord from the power point before moving the unit.

Warning: If symptoms including coughing persist, consult your doctor.
Steam Vaporiser
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