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Product Information

ISBN: 9789863581765

出版日期: 2015-06-01

作者: 陳立恩

裝訂: 平裝.單色印刷.170頁.21.



Who would imagine a rapper, shining in the spotlight, faced much misery? A rap battle for America’s fate was about to begin!

  ◎The book was the first one to have rapping in it, and it contains quite action and music.

  ◎How does a boy being ignored, facing his own environment with bravery and humor?

  ◎After the author Andy Chen, of《Mankind vs Extraterrestrial》, who was almost a junior high school student using his wide imagination and several twists, to give the reader a different taste.
  即將升國中的作者立恩繼《Mankind vs Extraterrestrial》之後,持續以豐富的想像力和虛實交錯的創作手法,再次讓讀者耳目一新。

  Stan Duke, a rapper which originally was a loser in school, a shy boy who lives in a poor family and was a fan of many rappers, and also wants to be like them and learn by heading into a training building. His father denies him, yet is somewhat quite sick of him. But when his father comes after a talk with her wife, Stan was accepted and he was off on his journey.

  But things were not going entirely smoothly as he thought. He decided to go there by bicycle, but it was cut in half by a drunken man. He then took a bus instead. He met a girl who was his childhood crush, Nancy. Except for the happiness of it, he will be facing against two of his childhood nightmares, Kyle and Jason, which Kyle’s a gunslinger, Jason’s a ninja, and they will try to kill him. Can Stan really get to the training building safely?

  Stan met a bunch of classmates. Stan found out that his rapping coach Sam Sam was an enemy of Stan’s father, and he discovered that he is a part of Kyle and Jason, who appeared at the same training academy. The teacher was an evil person, so Stan can do nothing but trying to keep an eye on them. Then, the teacher left, and Stan was now his classmates’ teacher. Stan teaches them well and they graduated, but he was feeling bad when Sam Sam caused both of his parents to die two years later. What is he going to do?

  Stan was now joining with a bunch of other rappers with the freaking military to ATK Kyle’s father, terrorist Kolai. But Kyle’s father, Kolai stopped the military before they can attack Kyle’s father. Kolai challenges them into a rapping fight. Both of them tried hard and tried their best, the results in their battle will choose the destiny of USA! Can they protect USA from all hell breaking loose?

  The USA was almost under Kolai’s attack. Stan’s nemesis, Sam Sam actually knows about the things about Stan, his father and himself. Sam Sam just wanted Kyle and Jason to be USA’s heroes, while Stan might take their place. He touches them both into being heroes in a better way. Stan tries to fight hard in the middle of the USA attack-through rapping against Kolai in rapping battle frenzy. Can he succeed?









陳立恩(Andy Chen)



  五歲便自發性的提筆創作,五年間完成《Lan and Leo》、《CJ7》、《Chaplin script version》等十餘本自創故事書,以及《The Universe series》、《Animal Worlds》、《Apocalypse 2012》等十餘本小百科,均為手寫本,圖文並茂、饒富童趣。

  十一歲完成《Mankind vs Extraterrestrial》(人類鏖戰外星人),並於翌年(2015年1月)出版。

  創作能量源源不絕,且勇於追求自我突破。為嘗試多元題材,因而創作《Stan Duke》,描寫一位青年饒舌歌手為理想奮鬥的故事,與第一本出版的科幻內容風格迥異。

  Andy Chen is a Taiwanese SIX-grade boy who had learned English for nearly ten years by himself, almost graduating from primary school to junior high. Andy Chen lives in Changhua County, in Shi Hu elementary school.

  He completed MvsE and published it in January 2015.

  His motivation to write is seemly endless, and tried to push through any certain limitations, so he write Stan Duke, a book about a teenage boy fighting to be a rapper, opposite of the original MvsE sci-fi novel.

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