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Sleep Well Package

Sleep Well Package
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NESTLE KITKAT CHUNKY  3+1 pieces, 38g Each
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Sleep Well Started Kit

Sandoz Persen Forte Hard Capsule
Persen is herbal remedy that contains extracts of three herbs: Valerian , Lemon Balm and Peppermint. The combination of these herbs is used to calm and to relieve tension and aniety as well in the treatment of insomnia.
A blend of dry plant extracts with a calming effect; has a favourable effect also in mild difficulties falling asleep or mild sleeping disorders. PERSEN forte is used in psycho-vegetative disorders of various kinds that manifest as increased strain, irritation, restlessness, moodiness, fear, anxiety, concentration disorders, difficulties falling asleep and sleeping disorders, feeling of tiredness after waking up or minimum physical strain, sweating of the palms and shaking of the hands.

Swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water. Do not crush or chew the tablet.

Soria-D Vitamin-D3 1000i.u.

Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol. Upom exposure to sunlight, our skin makes Vitamin D3- which is essential for good health and vitality.

Limited exposure to sunlight, staying indoors for long periods, sunscreen usage, dark skin, long-sleeved clothing that covers the entire body and the aging process will reduce our body's natural production of Vitamin D3.
SORIA-D Vitamin-D3 provodes 1000i.u Vitamin D3 in each tablet for good health.

Vitamin d os critical to the body's mental and physical function. It assists the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorus, and contributes to bone health. Healthy levels of Vitamin D may help with Weight loss and weight management. Research suggests that low levels of Vitamin D are asscociated with higher risks for several serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and multiple sclerosis. Insufficiency of Vitamin D is also linked to greater risk for depression and other mood disorders. In healthy people, mantaining higher levels of Vitamin D may offer protection against these same conditions.
  • Vitamin D may also be important for maintaining healthy sleep. Recent research indicates that Vitamin D may influence both sleep quality and sleep quantity. Researchers analyzed the sleep patterns and Vitamin D levels among a group of older adult men, and found that Vitamin D deficiency was associated with less sleep overall and also with more disrupted sleep.
  • Low Vitamin D increased the likelihood that partupants ecperienced insufficient sleep, sleeping less than five hours a night.
  • Low levels of Vitamin D were linked to lower sleep efficiency scores, and greater chance of scoring below 70 percent. A healthy sleep efficiency score is generally considered to be 85 percent or higher.
Dosage: Take 1 tablet with food.
Kart Sweet Dream Essential Oil
100% pure essential oils of Rose. Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender.
Like a dream catcher, this blend promotes deep sleep and helps to calm down one's anxiety status.
Helps in:
  • Invoking positive thoughts & hope feelings.
  • Boosting self esteem.
  • Anxiety / Stress / Sadness
  • Inducing Sleep
  • Providing calming and soothing effects.
Healthy Tips:
To Reduce Snoring- Add 1 drop on almond oil and rub at both sides of nose.
Positive Energy - Add 2 drops on almond oil and massage on hand wrist.
For Good Sleep - Dispense 1-2 drops on handkerchief / tissue and put in pillow.
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