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Simply Straight Hair Brush

Simply Straight Hair Brush
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Simply Straight Hair Brush # Pelurus Rambut Mudah Alih

The Secrets Simply Straight's ceramic wrapped bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, without flattening or frying your hair, for straight, healthy, shiny hair that's easier to style and loaded with volume.

Simply Straight works on all types of hair and tames unruly curls and frizz and straightens in just minutes! No more excuses that doing your hair takes too long! No more messy hair! Change your look easily and quickly! Get long-lasting salon-quality results! Simply Straight leaves your hair looking silky smooth with brilliant shine all day long! Straightening your hair is now as easy as brushing it!

* Heats 80 up to 230

* Heats up Fast

* Great for Travel

* All hair types

* Wont Damage Hair

* LCD display screen Display Temperature

*3 Pin Plug

*Packaging Dimensions 20Cm x 12.2cm x 5.2cm

How Hair Is Straightened

Cosmetics and styling often involve a large amount of sciencesomething brands are now quick to jump on as they tout breakthrough products. Yet, whether brands are coming up with the most effective conditioners or ways to straighten your locks, they sometimes market their so-called advancements without regard for why things work in the first place.

Case in point, hair straightening is one such technique that relies heavily on the basic scientific properties of hair.

Thats because hair is made up of a protein known as keratin. Keratin is composed of long chains of amino acids. Along with hair, nails and teeth, enamel is also made up of keratin. Hair, nails, and teeth have one important factor in commontheyre all exceptionally strong.

Did you know that its extremely difficult to break a healthy strand of dry hair apart without scissors? It takes a heck of a lot of twisting, pulling, or rubbing to break a strand.

The strength of hair can be attributed to a special property unique to proteins like keratin, which are made up of a large number of sulfur-containing amino acids. Sulfur atoms, from adjacent chains of keratin, bond together to form disulphide bonds.

These extra bonds make the fibers that have keratin very strong. In addition, they ensure that the position of the keratin molecules remains fixed, such that the shape of the hair fiber stays the samethis is why it can be so difficult to make curly hair stay straight, or vice versa.

Hairs strength is generally thought of as a positive property. Especially since you consider how much stress we subject it to, from ponytails to accidental pulling, it would be rather disconcerting if strands would break or change their shape at the slightest stress.

However, when people do want to change the shape of their hairget rid of curls, add curls, make it wavy, make it straightthese disulphide bonds pose a problem. Most hair-straightening techniques, therefore, target these bonds.

Whats the easiest method of breaking these bonds? Heat, of course! This brings us to why flat irons are the most common technique for straightening hair.

Why Flat Irons Are So Effective at Straightening

The plates of a flat iron are heated to high temperatures, generally somewhere between 300-500 F. To work, hair is passed through the iron quickly, while being held tight and straight.

The extreme heat causes the disulphide bonds to break. This breakage allows the keratin chains to move around slightly and assume a position that results in straightened hair.

When the hair cools down, the disulphide bonds between the keratin are reformed. Because the keratin molecules are in different positions when the bonds are reformed, the hair stays in the straightened shape for a long period of time.


Cukup lurus, seperti yang dilihat di TV, berus meluruskan seramik yang memberikan anda hasil lurus, kualiti salun sempurna dalam beberapa minit. Hanya Lurus adalah pelurus rambut 2-dalam-1 yang kelihatan seperti berus rambut biasa, tetapi menggabungkan kuasa besi rata dengan berus gaya. Untuk meluruskan rambut, kini semudah menyikat rambut anda! Cukup Berus Seramik dengan cepat sehingga 450 darjah. Tetapi tidak seperti besi rata yang keras, ia tidak akan merosakkan rambut anda. Rahsia itu ada di dalam bulu pembungkus seramik yang mengangkat rambut di akarnya. Hanya berus rambut, Hanya Lurus menyampaikan lembut, walaupun haba di sekitar setiap helai. Tidak ada lagi meratakan atau menggorengkan tresses anda. Juyung keriting dan nikmati kelantangan sempurna, nyenyak dan bersinar cemerlang setiap hari! Sesuai untuk meluruskan rambut kerinting atau keriting.

Tidak kira berapa keriting rambut anda, salutan seramik memberikan anda rambut lurus yang halus yang mudah dipakai. Sempurna selepas anda menggunakan syampu dan perapi. Mudah-mudahan menyusut dari akar ke styling rambut akhir tidak pernah menjadi lebih mudah. Sekarang anda boleh mendapatkan rambut lurus yang sutera yang anda selalu mahu tanpa perjalanan ke salon!

Ciri-ciri Mudah Lurus Brush & amp; faedah Panas sehingga 450 darjah Paparan LCD menunjukkan suhu Bersedia untuk digunakan dalam masa 30 saat Angkat rambut di akar untuk kelantangan sempurna Menambah bersinar yang menakjubkan 60 minit auto shutoff Mengelakkan Frizz Besar untuk perjalanan.

Pakej termasuk:

1 x rambut Pelurus

1 x Bahasa Inggeris manual

Simply Straight Hair Brush
Simply Straight Hair Brush
Simply Straight Hair Brush
Simply Straight Hair Brush
Simply Straight Hair Brush
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