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[CNY Promo] Isabella Signature Shower Gel [Viscaria]

[CNY Promo] Isabella Signature Shower Gel [Viscaria]
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Shower Gel [Viscaria]
Isabella Signature
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Bring lightness to your skin, while being revitalised with the joyful notes of Citron and Grapefruit. Treat yourself to the calming scents Jasmine.


  • Mild surfactant for mild cleansing.
  • Anti microbial and antibacterial effect.
  • Soothing and sensitive skin care products.
  • Good moisturizing and softening skin.
  • Its cleansing qualities and content in organic acids makes it useful for treating oily skin.
  • Free from sulfates and ethylene oxides-safe use.
  • Paraben free.

Happiness is only a shower away

  1. Rinse your body with luke-warm water. Squeeze some shower gel on a body sponge or loofah. Then, lather it over your body and bring out the suds & bubbles!
  2. Give yourself a deep scrub to make sure all dirt & dead skin cells are taken care of. Pay special attention to harder-to-reach areas (under-arms, behind the ears, your back, etc.)
  3. Rinse your body once more to wash away the loosened grime, dirt & excess soap. Enjoy feeling clean & refreshed with amazing-smelling scent!

Shower your gloom away

After work

  • Feeling overworked after a long day of hustling? Wash the tiredness & weariness away before getting a good night's rest!

Before a Date

  • Feel refreshed and confident will make a difference in impressing your date! The great smelling fragrance will be a bonus charm as well.

Post-Work Out

  • Give your body an extra boost after a great session of workout. Wash away the unseen microbes & bacteria that came with the body grime & sweat. Soap out of the shower feeling refreshment & renewed!

Perfect Gift for loved ones, share the joy & goodness!

  • Family
  • Partner
  • Friends
  • Buddies

Weight: 500ml

[CNY Promo] Isabella Signature Shower Gel [Viscaria]
[CNY Promo] Isabella Signature Shower Gel [Viscaria]
[CNY Promo] Isabella Signature Shower Gel [Viscaria]
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ChinaFirst 1.00 kg89.58
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South AfricaFirst 1.00 kg108.97
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VietnamFirst 1.00 kg91.90
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