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Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g

Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g
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Formulated with 10% urea to soften and quickly moisturize rough and hardened skin while guarding against roughness for an extended period of time

FROMNATURE Aloevera Perfect Sun Block SPF50+PA++++ 50ml
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Product Information

This is the classic Red White Blue Urea formula series by Shiseido.

Benefit of Urea Substances:

Urea is a humectant referred to as hydroxyethyl urea, not to be confused with the preservative sdiazolidinyl urea and imidazolidinyl urea, which I discuss in more detail below.
A healthy skin will typically contain 28 micrograms of urea per square centimetre, a dehydrated, dry skin can see a reduction of as much as 50% and those with eczema as much as 80%.

  • Hygroscopic

Urea is a substance that readily absorbs water, it also has a very high water content, which helps to reduce the amount of water lost through the skin.
On a molecular level urea modifies the structure of amino chains and polypeptides within the skin, which is important for helping to moisturise our delicate tissues.

  • Improves Barrier Function

One of Urea’s many benefits, is that it helps to accelerate the skins cellular renewal process.
The really great thing about this, is that it strengthens the barrier function of the skin, helping to keep it youthful and healthy.
In the article understanding the acid mantle, I discuss the importance of having a strong barrier function, and how this creates a stronger resistance against potential irritants.

  • Natural Exfoliant

Urea works in synergy with ingredients that create the molecular structure of the skin, such as lactic acid.
Combined, these two ingredients actively work to remove dead skin cells and substances from the horny layer, improving cellular turnover in the epidermis, helping to dramatically improve the water binding ability of the skin.

  • Possible Anaesthetic

Urea has another interesting profile, it can create a local anaesthetic affect on the skin.
This is really useful in helping to reduce cycles of inflammation and flare-ups, making it my product of choice for sensitive skin conditions.

  • Penetration

Studies have found, one of urea’s key roles, is to increase the skin permeability of certain skin care ingredients, working as a vehicle for other performance ingredients, encouraging them to penetrate the epidermis easily.

  • Natural Moisturiser

Often a dry skin is due to a reduction of urea in the skins delicate tissues, which can lead to tightness and flakiness; because of urea’s natural moisturising factor, it can offer instant relief to dry skin.




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Urea, Tocopherol acetate, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, sodium hyaluronate, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, sodium edta, tocopheryl acetate, paraben, hyaluronic acid

Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g
Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g
Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g
Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g
Shiseido Urea Skin Cream 60g
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