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Shine Bio-Cal Seaweed Calcium 60S

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Function: calcium

BIO-CAL Natural seaweed calcium 60’s Chewable Tablet SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS BIO-C Seaweed Calcium is a natural calcium source produced from mineralized seaweed calcium、 an unique ocean seaweed harvested from a deposit of the Southwest of Ir e the clear pollution-free A ter. The skeleton of the seaweed also contains other essential minerals and trace elements in which this unique been showed to favor a better absorption of calcium by the body. Calcium is indispensable in our diet as a foundation of strong、 healthy bones、 teeth and gums、 and it is essential to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. 0 width:24 24 1.4 Each chewable tablet contains: 1.4   right 666.67mg Aquamin provides 200mg Calcium 1.4width:66px 200mg right Magnesium 1.4width:66px 200mg right Iodine 1.4width:66px 200mg right Boron 1.4width:66px 200mg right S 1.4width:66px 200mg right Vitamin D3 1.4width:66px 100 I.U. Indication: As a dietary supplement for source of calcium Suitable for all age groups and perfect vegetarians Pregnant or lactating women who requires higher dosage of calcium Features: Enriched with vitamin D to facilitate calcium absorption Sugar free Colorant free Unique natural sweetener – Isom(nutrient for probiotic、 would not be absorbed by body) Contains other essential minerals Dosage and administration: 1 tablet to be chewed、 3 – 4 times daily
Shine Bio-Cal Seaweed Calcium 60S
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