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Shen Que Ginger Wine

Shen Que Ginger Wine
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700 ml
Retinue Sdn Bhd 立得利酒厂有限公司
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Product Information

Superior taste, extraordinarily effective, fresh matured ginger wine

SHEN QUE Original Ginger Wine is formulated from fresh matured Bentong ginger and traditional herbal ingredients. It is blended and compounded using traditional process to achieve superior quality and original taste. No additives or preservatives.
In many cultures, ginger and hawthorn have traditionally been used as a condiment as well as for their medicinal values. Both ginger and hawthorn have proven curative powers which are documented until today. They are highly valued and widely used to enhance vitality and for their remedial benefits against many ailments. Many studies have been done on the benefits of ginger and hawthorn.
Benefits of ginger: -

• Regulates lipid metabolism disorders
• Regulates the function of the male prostate and treatment for man with prostate disease and sexual dysfunction (the male’s health supplement)
• Balances hormones and female menstrual pain
• Relaxes muscle and body aching
• Lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol
• Expansion of coronary arteries and improves heart rate to normal
• Excellent for gourmet cooking
• Antiarrhythmic effect
• Contraction of the uterus
• Develops gastric enzymes and improves digestion

Ginger root kills ovarian and prostate cancer cells better then chemo by Christina Sarich @

SHEN QUE Original Ginger Wine is especially recommended for women during confinement as it helps in womb contraction and relieves postpartum tormina (pain in lower abdomen after giving birth).

Take SHEN QUE Original Ginger Wine for Better Health and Enhanced Vitality!!!

Drink on the rock to enhance the ginger aroma taste dispersed in the glass. For confinement ladies, best served three times daily with 10 – 30 ml each after meal.
Shen Que Ginger Wine
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