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Shadows Over Kashmir: A Riddle

Shadows Over Kashmir: A Riddle
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Author/Editor: Biplab Mazumdar
New Hb 567 pp.
Subject: History & Biography,Politics,South Asia
Condition: Good
Published: 2011

The cold war between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue has frozen into an equipoise of destructive strength on the part of two giants, and their might will now be tested, not in war, but in a multi-front political contest.The sixty years that stand between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue have been for the world years of conflict, hatred and bitterness and also of a great and sombre challenge. Many a time have nations gone to the brink of a general war, of localised wars there have been not a few.

Sorrow or suffering is the starting point of the Kashmiri people. Happiness over the valley is a passing show. Its very transience is a source of anxiety which causes a religious fundamentalism and social darkness that terrifies even the people of this subcontinent.

Never before has the Islamic world been convulsed by the kind of crisis of conscience which has overtaken it today. The Islamic terrorism is going on and no Orwellian fantasy can be an adjective to it.

Separatism ... casteism, communalism and provincialism ... glares and stares with bitterness at a neighbour who lives in another state or speaks another language. Linguistic fanaticism is getting deeper and deeper. Flabbiness, inconsistency and ambiguity amongst our rulers at the centre on the Kashmir issue have always been more and more rampant. The crimes of Pakistan lie not in the fate of victims but in the silence of those who for sixty long years knew what was happening and said nothing. Political spoonerism, both in India and Pakistan, applauds the leaders they now condemn and they condone all they did. We know, we understand and even so we keep quiet.

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