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AVANCÉ Lash Serum In Mascara Volume Impact (50g)

AVANCÉ Lash Serum In Mascara Volume Impact (50g)
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Product Information

Formulation: Brow Mascara

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Waterproof: Yes

Effect: Curling

AVANCE浓密卷翘睫毛膏 含睫毛赠长美容液 温水可卸 日本直邮
浓密睫毛 富含美容液 温水可卸
产品名称:AVANCE 美容液浓密卷翘睫毛.
上市时间: 2015年6月
净含量: 6ml
睫毛产品分类: 单头睫毛膏
颜色分类: 黑色
功效: 卷翘
规格类型: 正常规格
品牌: AVANCE睫毛膏
单品: 美容液浓密卷翘睫毛膏
保质期: 3年
适合肤质: 任何肤质
产地: 日本

Customer Comment:
- 下眼睫毛这几天出汗多了到晚上就晕妆,但性价比很高,推荐
- 好用,超級卷翹和濃密!
- 不错的一款睫毛膏 不会晕 也不像kissme那么难卸 还会回购的
- 涂上比较自然,效果不明显。我一般涂别的睫毛膏觉得刺激眼睛想流泪,这款则没有,从这点来说挺满意的。
- 很不错啊,确实速干, 我喜欢揉眼睛。也没晕染
- 效果蠻好

Product Description
A mascara that pampers and cares for your lashes.
This mascara provides extra care to eyelashes throughout the day.
Fragrance, Color, Oil & Alcohol free

With "W" shape brush, making you a long impact, waterproof and prevent sweating eyelash.

Hyaluronic acid / Hydrolyzed Keratin

Joliet Joliet Eyeliner Black
Fragrance, Color, Oil & Alcohol free
Hyaluronic acid / Hydrolyzed Keratin
Panthenyl Ethyl Ether
Twin-peptide Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 / Acetyl
Tetrapeptide-3 / Trifolium

AVANCE Lashes Serum in Eyeliner
Avance Lash Serum in Liquid Eyeliner is a liquid type black eyeliner that is easy to use and does not smudge!! Consist of Lash Serum – Quaternium-51, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Hyaluronic Acid with High Moisturizing Effect to protect and keep lash healthy.

A liquid eyeliner that is as fine as 0.1mm thickness, magical combination of eyelash serum plus eyeliner. Conducting extraordinary lustrous elegant black, waterproof, day-long lasting and controllable thickness experiences. Easy to dry and to take off. With pointed brush at tips for each easy stroke and a softer finish. Define your eye area clearly. Pure jet black pigment dries fast and allows you to look fabulous all day. Easily removed by hot water Adopted natural pigment for gently use on eye area

AVANCÉ Lash Serum EX
- enhances the reproduction of lashes. It reduces hair loss and increase the volume. Blood circulation is enhanced when applying it on the hair root and resulted in lashes reborn
AVANCÉ Lash Serum In Mascara Volume Impact (50g)
AVANCÉ Lash Serum In Mascara Volume Impact (50g)
AVANCÉ Lash Serum In Mascara Volume Impact (50g)
AVANCÉ Lash Serum In Mascara Volume Impact (50g)
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