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A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening
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Subtitle: For a Boy with Autism
Author/Editor: Amelia Chin
New Pb 208 pp.
Subject: Memoir
Condition: Good
Published: 2014

Unravelling some spectrums of autism through the short, captivating accounts of a mother’s own experiences, this book is an inspirational read and an eye-opener. The perseverance of a mother’s love triumphs against all odds to see the unlocking of a maze – the little-known atypical world of autism. 

“In this book, we are allowed into the honesty of Aaron’s struggles; his questions of ‘why me?’; his own spiritual development; his inspiring progress and determination to learn actions and behaviours that would make him appear ‘normal’, to fit in like everyone else. The result:  he has publicly and officially lost his autism stigma.”
- Pastor Anne Iuliano (Sydney)

“It is a book that everyone must read. It will enlighten us on what the ‘power of love’ can accomplish. Read it, understand it, experience it, and declare it!”
- Rev. Wong Kim Kong, JMN (Kuala Lumpur)

“A must-read for families coping with autism! This book offers pragmatic suggestions for coping with the uncertainties in the patterns of behaviour of autistic children. Autism has such a wide spectrum that plausibly no two cases are alike.”
- Dato’ Leela Mohd Ali, Trustee and CEO of PENYAYANG (a Malaysian NGO)

About the Author:

Amelia Chin is a Malaysian, presently residing in Sydney, Australia.  A music graduate and a committed Christian, she is married to Dr Eu Han Chin, an anaesthetist. She teaches music, helps in the Music Ministry of her church, and is involved in supporting a group for mothers of special needs children.

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