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Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen

Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
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Product Information

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Function: Whitening + Anti aging

Formulation: Powder

第二代 RUBY AURA SHINMAZ 发掘一个全新的美肌秘诀。
This improved formula is a highly concentrated proprietary blend of superior antioxidants, vitamins, marine collagen, phytoceramide and phyto stem cell that works to restore the essential elements for skin and regain youthful vitality in your skin by renewing its elasticity and firmness as well as bringing back its luminosity.经过配方改良以后,它富含高浓度的优质抗氧化剂、维生素、海洋胶原蛋白、植物神经酰胺和植物干细胞的专有混合物,通过更新其弹性和紧致度以恢复肌肤的基本元素、重拾肌肤年轻活力以及当年的亮丽。

Shinmaz offers a new approach to skin health utilizing the advanced nano-spray drying technology, which increase the absorption rate by body, enable the active components deep penetration into the dermis cell and hence, achieve the acceleration effect of the body’s natural collagen production and regeneration.

What Makes Shinmaz so Unique?什么是 SHINMAZ 如此独特?
1. Comprehensive & Improved Formula:Formulated for regulation, prevention and nutrition to promote internal skin health.综合及改良配方: 其研发是为了调理、预防和滋润以促进肌肤内部的健康。

2. Unique Ingredients :Multi-ingredients with higher concentrated and bioavailability that allow for maximum effectiveness and superior results.独特成分 : 具有更高浓缩度和生物利用度的多种成分,并促使了最大的有效性和优异的效果。

3.Quality Assured :100% natural ingredients with no preservative, chemical additives, added sugar and no side effects.

4. Significant Efficacy : It improves the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 14 days.

5. Delicious & Easy to Consume : Mixed berries flavour tastes great by itself or mixed with water, smooth, convenient and more!美味又方便食用:混合莓果无论是其本身或与水混合后的味道都美味可口、既香滑又方便!

Benefits of Shinmaz( Shinmaz的好处)
•防止老化Prevents ageing
•减少细纹和皱纹Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
•恢复肌肤弹性Restores skin elasticity
•减轻肌肤色素沉着Lightens skin pigmentation
•促进肌肤美白Promotes skin whitening
•提亮肤色和光泽Brightens dull complexion & radiance
•强力增加肌肤水分Increases skin hydration intensively
•改善肌肤的免疫力Enhances skin’s immunity
•促进皮肤组织再生Promotes skin tissues regeneration
•防紫外线辐射、自由基 & 极度压力Protects against UV radiations, free radicals & extreme stress condition

The Magical Power of the 7 Major Active Ingredients in Shinmaz (7种主要活性成分的神奇力量)
• Marine Collagen (Fish) 海洋胶原蛋白(鱼)
• Astaxanthin虾青素
• Grape Seed Extract葡萄籽
•vitamin E维生素E
• Phytoceramide植酸神经酰胺
•PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis)葡萄干细胞
• Lycopene Extract番茄红素

Recommended Use推荐使用
-Ages 25 or more25岁或以上
-Often work overtime经常加班
-Lead a stressful lifestyle引导紧张的生活方式
-Often expose to UV 经常暴露于紫外线
-Dehydrated skin肌肤脱水
-Stay under secondhand smoke 生活在二手烟环境中
-Air-conditioned environment在空调环境中
-Sleeping late熬夜

Direction of Use
Mix one sachet with 200ml of room temperature or cold water. Consume before bedtime.
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
Ruby Aura Shinmaz胶原三肽collagen
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