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Roots Black Seed Hair Oil Twin Pack (100ml x 2)

Roots Black Seed Hair Oil Twin Pack (100ml x 2)
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Greenish Roots
Black Seed Hair Oil

Roots contain Nigella Sativa – the wonder herb that is regarded as a panacea for all illnesses in the Arabian world, is the chief ingredient of our hair oil. This Nigella oil, which is nothing less than the divine elixir, is made more potent by the addition of traditional Indian herbs that includes hibiscus, amla, Brahmi, fenugreek, henna and other herbal extract.
This powerful blend of herbs ensures that your hair strands get nourished from the root to the tip, resulting in dense and abundant hair-growth. It cures all scalp infections, and improves blood circulation by acting as a vaso-dilator.
How does ‘Roots’ work? How it helps to combat hair-loss?
Our hair follicles typically go through a cycle of three phases namely anagen-catagen-telogen. Anagen is the growth phase; catagen is the involuting or regressing phase; and telogen, the resting or quiescent phase.
Roots’ hair oil aims to boost the anagenic phase while putting brakes on the catagenic and telogenic phases.
The desired result is achieved by deep penetration i.e. the oil seeps deep into scalp and repairs the hair from its very roots.
With prolonged use, even those hair follicles that have gone dormant are infused with new life and recover eventually. This may even produce new hairs on scalp that has started balding.
Roots’ hair oil boosts the growth of melanocytes i.e. cells that produce melanin, the pigment that lends the hair its characteristic black colour. This helps to check premature greying and the hair is restored to its natural colour.
‘Roots’ hair oil also heal the damaged keratinocytes-cells that act as a barrier against pathogens, UV radiation, heat and water loss, thereby producing luxuriant hair shafts.
Roots’ hair oil is a complete hair-care solution, providing nourishment to the hair from the root to the tip.
Directions for use:
! Apply 10 to 12ml of ‘Roots’ hair oil on clean scalp.
! for cases of severe hair-loss, apply twice daily.

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Roots Black Seed Hair Oil Twin Pack (100ml x 2)
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