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Robocop CD [soundtrack]

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Spin Doctors / Pocket Full Of Kryptonite (Anniversary Edition)

★收錄排行金曲”Two Princes”、"Li
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Spin Doctors在搖滾圈的際遇就像很多的underdog一樣,剛開始不被看好,由其在90年代唯Grunge是尚的美國主流,Spin Doctors被很多人認為只是曇花一現的過時搖滾團。1991年首張專輯Pocket Full of Kryptonite在Epic唱片發行後,Spin Doctors開始馬不停蹄的巡迴演唱,1992年上了SNL的音樂嘉賓,隨後銷售量突破50萬張,並登上滾石雜誌的封面,單曲”Two Princes”、 "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"相繼攻占排行,underdog變成搖滾Superman。Pocket Full of Kryptonite是他們銷售最好的專輯,讓人回味無窮是吉他手Eric Schenkman與貝斯手Mark White綿密的旋律節奏聲線,很多搖滾專輯所缺凡的豐富層次音樂質感Pocket Full of Kryptonite到處可聽。後來知道封面的電話亭原來是對DC漫畫-超人Superman的一種致敬。20週年版Pocket Full of Kryptonite額外收錄未作商業發行16首歌曲,包括Demo、現場錄音以及不同錄音室版本歌曲,還不認識這支紐約搖滾樂團的話,這個週年雙CD版肯定是入手的最佳版本。

1. Jimmy Olsen s Blues
2. What Time Is It?
3. Little Miss Can t Be Wrong
4. Forty Or Fifty
5. Refrigerator Car
6. More Than She Knows
7. Two Princes
8. Off My Line
9. How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)
10. Shinbone Alley/Hard To Exist
11. Hard To Exist (B-side)

CD 2
1. Jimmy Olsen's Blues
2. Can t Say No
3. Hard To Exist
4. At This Hour
5. 40 or 50
6. Big Fat Funky Booty
7. What Time Is It?
8. How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)
9. Hungry Hamed's
10. House
11. Two Princes
12. Refrigerator Car
13. Rosetta Stone
14. Freeway Of The Plains
15. Turn It Upside Down (Live at Kingswood Music Theater, Toronto, ON, 7/19/1993)
16. Little Miss Can t Be Wrong (Live at Continental Divide, New York, NY, 9/25/1990)

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Robocop CD [soundtrack]
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