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Rising Up: The fight for Chin refugees

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On 13 June 2018, the ethnic Myanmar Chin community in Malaysia were shocked by the news. UNHCR had announced that the Chins will remain refugees only until the end of 2019, confirming rumours that there was a policy to end international protection for the community.

Now, they are given two choices: return to Myanmar or stay in Malaysia as undocumented migrants. The community, many of who have left their land and home years ago, finds neither of these options possible.

Without refugee protection, many lost their jobs and young people quit school to find work. Feeling hopeless and desperate, a Chin man jumped off the 13th floor of an apartment block.

The book tells the story of how an entire refugee community and its advocates got together to fight and protect themselves against a system that failed to put the people at the heart of its decisions and policies.


AuthorJames Bawi Thang Bik
Rising Up: The fight for Chin refugees
Rising Up: The fight for Chin refugees
Rising Up: The fight for Chin refugees
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