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Razer Sabertooth Professional Gaming Controller For Xbox360 - RZ06-00890100-R3A1

Razer Sabertooth Professional Gaming Controller For Xbox360 - RZ06-00890100-R3A1
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The Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 is the supercharged successor to the award-winning Razer Onza. Now, it has been restructured with even more customizability and control options in an all new, rugged design that doesnt compromise comfort.

An unprecedented six additional multi-function buttons two at the shoulders and two removable rocking switches at the bottom of the controller allow you to react to any situation or enemy instantaneously by putting more power right at your fingertips. The Razer Sabertooth lets you reconfigure your choice of buttons elsewhere on the controller to any of the six multi-function buttons.

With an integrated OLED screen on the Razer Sabertooth, you get ease of customizability over the controllers multitude of features. From programming the multi-function buttons, to adjusting the analog sticks sensitivity, and creating profiles, youll be setting the controller up just the way you want it.

The best professional gamers are masters of their equipment, not the other way round. The Razer Sabertooth was made to make sure youre perfectly set up for winning.


Six additional fully-programmable buttons

The Razer Sabertooth is no ordinary controller, as it features six additional buttons – two at the shoulders and two removable rocking switches at the bottom of the controller. Reconfigure controls found elsewhere on the controller to these multi-function buttons ergonomically positioned right at your fingertips. This design increases actuation speed, reduces fatigue, and encourages natural hand posturing for a more precise and comfortable gaming experience.

Forged for improved reliability and mobility

The Razer Sabertooth has been designed from the ground up to cater to the demanding needs of gamers. From the selection of materials used for the buttons, triggers and analog sticks, to the stringent quality control checks, processes are put in place to ensure that the Razer Sabertooth continues to dominate, game after game. Also featured is a fully detachable, lightweight cable that securely screws onto the controller, and an included carrying case to take it everywhere you go without worrying about cable breakage.

OLED for ease of customizability

With a built-in OLED screen, the Razer Sabertooth allows ease of customizability over the controller’s multitude of features. Program the multi-function buttons, adjust the analog stick’s sensitivity and save profiles; whatever you choose to modify, the display will visualize your preferences.


Designing the Razer Sabertooth

When we launched the Razer Onza late in 2010, it was heralded by the fans for its innovative features, ergonomics and customizability. It got banned from MLG temporarily before it even got released because it was deemed to provide too much of an unfair advantage to gamers.

At Razer, we do not just create products to marvel at them. We constantly sought to improve on the Razer Onza after it launched, studying gamers’ feedback, and exploring better ergonomics, and of course, new features. And this is what spawned the Razer Sabertooth – what we believe is the ultimate gaming controller for the Xbox 360.

A controller you can rely on

When it comes to tournament-grade gaming, a durable, reliable controller is paramount in keeping up with the competition. From the selection of materials used for the buttons, triggers and analog sticks, to the stringent quality control checks, processes are put in place to ensure that the Razer Sabertooth continues to dominate, game after game.

First, we started with the outer shell of the Razer Sabertooth. Apart from being easy and comfortable to hold, the body of the controller has to be sturdy and resistant to flexing. Our engineering and design teams spent countless hours perfecting the form factor the controller – striking the perfect balance between ergonomics and durability, all while maintaining a comfortable weight.

Next, it came to the most critical parts of the controller – the buttons, triggers and analog sticks. These controls had to withstand the daily abuse of competitive gaming, while being easy to reach, actuate and responsive all at the same time. We explored countless iterations of internal architecture designs and materials used for the analog sticks and its rubber coating, finally settling on a combination that could withstand our brutal testing process

Multi-Function fun

The Razer Onza featured 2 additional shoulder multi-function buttons that were fully programmable to any other button on the controller, allowing gamers to rebind commands for easy reach. We took this a step further with the Razer Sabertooth – not only adjusting the position of the shoulder MFBs to reduce the chance of mis-pressing the bumper buttons, but also adding two additional 2-way rocker switches underside the controller, for a total of 6 additional multi-function buttons.

Why rocker switches, and underneath the controller, you ask? Well, our ergonomic studies have shown that switches located underside the controller allow for faster actuation and control, while triggers that emulate real life firearms are designed more for precision aiming. But because the two rocker switches are a major change to traditional undersides of other controllers out there, we made them completely removable in case gamers are more comfortable with a classic controller shape.

So, with additional multi-function buttons located at various positions on the controller, gamers get more flexibility to program these to their preference.

In with the new and out with the old

The all-new Razer Sabertooth features a smart OLED display that unlocks a slew of features on the controller. It allows you to intuitively program each of the Multi-Function Buttons, toggle the rumble and backlight features, while incorporating a test mode to ensure that the analog sticks are performing the way they should.

One of the most noticeable changes to the Razer Sabertooth would be the replacement of the resistance adjustability on the analog sticks with in-control sensitivity adjustment. This allows for a more precise control over the sensitivity of the analog sticks, all while keeping the feel constant throughout all sensitivity stages.

Over the months, we spoke to many gamers, both casual and professional, on improvements they wanted to see moving on from the Razer Onza. We changed the design of the triggers from a blade design to a more popular wedge design, and also raised the 4 mechanical Hyperesponse ABXY buttons for better actuation. The D-Pad was also optimized and improved to cater to more genres of games, allowing for distinct individual presses and as well as fluid combination moves. We also made a conscious effort to sand down the edges of the D-Pad for a more comfortable feel that helps to reduce abrasion on your fingers.

And to top it all off, we included a convenient carrying case and made the braided fibre cable detachable – all for portability and additional protection for the Razer Sabertooth.

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