Pure Sumur Honey 7kg Gallon

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Pure Sumur Honey is the second-best grade quality of Yemini honey after Sidr. The

texture is viscous and brownish in colour and rich with a strong taste of honey flavor.

This high-quality acacia honey is collected by specialized bees that only eat or collect

nectar from sumrah flower (Acacia tortilis) that grows around the preserved

Hadramawt valley area. This honey is harvested naturally two to three times a year,

during the blooming season of the sumrah flower.

The Benefits of Pure Sumur Honey include:

1. Treat respiratory tract infections

2. Treat digestive or intestinal problems

3. Reduce liver problems

4. Reduce stomach problems and malnutrition

5. Support weak immune system

6. Boost womens recovery after childbirth

Pure Sumur Honey 7kg Gallon
Pure Sumur Honey 7kg Gallon
Pure Sumur Honey 7kg Gallon
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