Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar

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The specialty of Yemeni bee honey is because of its Sidr Trees that are preserved in the Hadramawt mountains. While the bees that produce honey in the Hadramawt mountains are the type of bees that only eat sidr pollen.

The collection of bee honey is done traditionally. Taking into account the cleanliness of the maintenance to maintain the quality of the honey makes bee honey from the country of Yemen very valuable for its quality.

Only original honey that has not been processed without added preservatives is the best. The high value of Sidr honey is due to its medicinal value as well as the difficulty of obtaining it. It is the most expensive honey because it is believed to have medicinal elements, rejuvenating elements apart from cosmetics and aphrodisiac qualities.

Sidr and Summur honey from the Hadramawt Valley is said to be the best and most expensive honey in the world and is in high demand from all over the world because it is believed to be able to cure various types of diseases.

Sidr honey and Summur honey are both mono-floral honeys where Sidr honey bees only suck nectar from Sidr flowers, while Summur honey bees only suck nectar from Summur (or samrah) flowers. It does not take nectar from other flowers, unlike poly-floral honey whose bees suck nectar from different types of flowers.

In terms of quality and nutrients, mono-floral honey is better, and the amount of honey produced is also quite limited, making the price more expensive than other natural honeys. The color and aroma of honey is very dependent on the flower nectar that the bee eats.

Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
Pure Sidr Honey 650g Jar
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