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PRO RS Steel Braided Brake Hose - Honda NSX 1990+ (4 hose)

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Product Information

PRO-RS Brake Hose Installation

Product Features Specifications:-

Package Included Front & Rear Complete Brake Hose

Material: Stainless Steel Braided Hose Estimated Life Span: 7 to 10 Years

Warranty: 2 Years Virtually no skidding during emergency braking

Reduced stopping distance

Firmer & quicker responsive braking with excellent feel

Made to individual car model specification to ensure installation as OEM brake hose

Made to SAE J1401 Safety Standard

Eliminates original rubber brake hose sponginess

All PRO-RS Brake Hose Kit is now furnished with POLYOLEFIN Sleeves at the joint between hose and metal fittings. These sleeves protect the joint from corrosion and reduce the hose flexing at the joint. This feature increases reliability and extend the life-time of PRO-RS Brake Hose Kit.

Bracket for mounting PRO-RS Brake Hose to the shock absorbers is now a standard feature for all brake hose kit. No more cable-tie or ancient wire-tie to secure the brake hose to shock absorber bracket as used by other brands of performance brake hose kit. PRO-RS fittings and brackets is as close as you can get to OEM installation.

PRO-RS Brake Hose Installation:

What do you gain after PRO-RS Brake Hose installation?

- Firmer and more responsive braking

. - Eliminates the unresponsive feeling of the brake system caused by expanding original rubber brake hose.

- Eliminates out of control skidding during emergency braking.

- Reduce overall stopping distance, to stop in time.

What difference PRO-RS SAFEBRAKE can make between a safe and traumatic accident?

- Original brake hose in your car is made of rubber, technology invented more than 100 years ago.

- Rubber hose is expandable. Thus your brake is less effective when hose is expanding. Its performance deteriorates with age and heat.

- Rubber brake hose last around 4-5 years. After that it starts to get brittle and hardens.

- PRO-RS hose is made from TEFLON and is not expandable. Its operating pressure exceed 5,000 psi, which is the minimum required by U.S DOT FMVSS-106 Standard.

PRO-RS Tuning & Racing PRO-RS brake hose technology was born in the racing track and from the experience gained by the car tuning (Modification) industries. It is the same brake technology applied in F1/F3/Japan GT and other racing category cars.

Tuned and racing cars must have a brake hose which is able to maintain 100% hydraulic pressure from master cylinder to the brake calipers.

Without such capability, you would not gain better braking performance even by installing larger calipers or larger disc rotor. Bigger caliper and rotor would only weaken the system pressure, as they require more pressure into them. As a result, the under-performing original brake hose would continue to expand due to the increased pressure. The solution is by installing PRO-RS brake hose which naturally eliminates the weakest link in your car brake system.

PRO RS Steel Braided Brake Hose - Honda NSX 1990+ (4 hose)
PRO RS Steel Braided Brake Hose - Honda NSX 1990+ (4 hose)
PRO RS Steel Braided Brake Hose - Honda NSX 1990+ (4 hose)
PRO RS Steel Braided Brake Hose - Honda NSX 1990+ (4 hose)
PRO RS Steel Braided Brake Hose - Honda NSX 1990+ (4 hose)
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