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Posthuman International Relations: Complexity, Ecologism and Global Politics

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9781848135154 – Posthuman International Relations: Complex
Zed Books
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Authors: Erika Cudworth and Stephen Hobden
Paperback, 224 pages
Subject: Ecology, International Relations
Condition: Good
Publisher: Zed Books
Published: 2011
Scholars and practitioners in many disciplines/areas will find this illuminating and trenchant'.
John Urry, Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University

'Cudworth and Hobden make a radical assault on the common wisdoms of the study of world politics. They do not merely rethink IR, they reinvent it.'
Emilian Kavalski, University of Western Sydney

'This book will surely be at the forefront of a new materialism in IR.'
Colin Wight, Professor, Government and International Relations, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney



In this bold intervention, Cudworth and Hobden draw on recent advances in thinking about complexity theory to call for a profound re-envisioning of the study of international relations. As a discipline, IR is wedded to the enlightenment project of overcoming the 'hazards' of nature, and thus remains constrained by its blinkered 'human-centred' approach.

Furthermore, as a means of predicting major global-political events and trends, it has failed consistently. Instead, the authors argue, it is essential we develop a much more nuanced and sophisticated analysis of global political systems, taking into account broader environmental circumstances, as well as social relations, economic practices and formations of political power.

Essentially, the book reveals how the study of international politics is transformed by the understanding that we have never been exclusively human.An original work that is sure to provoke heated debate within the discipline, Posthuman International Relations combines insights from complexity theory and ecological thinking to provide a radical new agenda for a progressive, twenty-first century, International Relations.



Erika Cudworth is Senior Lecturer in International Politics and Sociology at the University of East London.

Stephen Hobden is a Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of East London.

Posthuman International Relations: Complexity, Ecologism and Global Politics
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