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Political Islam in Southeast Asia

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9789833782697 – Political Islam in Southeast Asia
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Author: Gordon P. Means
New Pb444 pp.
Subjects: Politics, Islam
Condition: Good
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2009
"This is a gem of a book.…. One of the best I have seen on political Islam in Southeast Asia. Means's knowledge of his subject matter is prodigious." -- Howard Federspiel, Ohio State University-Newark

"A crowning achievement for Means, and a must-read for anyone interested in the political and policy implications of Islam in Southeast Asia." -- Dwight W. King, Northern Illinois University

Gordon Means traces the evolution of Islamic politics in Southeast Asia, ranging from the early arrival of Islam in the region to the challenges it generates, and faces, today.

The analysis presented by Means encompasses both the events and actions shaping Islamic politics and the impact of Islamic politics on government and public policy outcomes. It also offers insightful answers to such questions as: How was the Islam that first came to Southeast Asia shaped by four centuries of colonial rule? Are democracy and political Islam compatible? Is Islamic radicalism gaining ground in the region, and what are its prospects for establishing a system of Islamic governance? Is there open opposition to radical Islam?

A fundamental issue raised in the book is whether contemporary regimes in the region have the capacity to address the demands of political Islam and also provide economic and social equity for all citizens, not only to meet basic needs, but also to compete effectively in a globalized world economy.




The Early Years.

Islamic Origins and Southeast Asian Adaptations.

Islam Under Colonial Rule.

The Struggle of Decolonization.

Indonesia: Independence Without Consensus.

Malaysia: Challenged by Ethnicity.

Islamic Resurgence.

Indonesia Under Suharto.

Malaysia Under Mahathir.

Southeast Asia and Global Jihad.

Separatism and Rebellion.

Moro Separatism in the Philippines.

Pattani Malay Separatism in Thailand.

Aceh Separatism in Indonesia.

Facing Hard Choices.

Democracy and Islam in Indonesia.

Ethnicity and Islam in Malaysia.

Southeast Asian Islam in Transition.
Political Islam in Southeast Asia
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