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MG 1/100 PMX-003 THE-O

MG 1/100 PMX-003 THE-O
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Product Information
Price in YEN: 12000
Scale: 1/100
Release Date: Aug., 2010

  • Weight 600g to support joint structure, ensuring independence in the performance of weight distribution that combine the inner frame detail reproduction. 
  • `MS` heavy legs represent the ultimate in density ness ... feeling, that sense reproduction muscular legs, heavy armor and redundant expression ness MS. 
  • Accessory: beam rifle, beam sword × 4

    Wikipedia's Technology and Combat Characteristics
    The PMX-003 The O has very thick armor that can withstand direct beam hits from the AMX-004 Qubeley's funnels. Although very bulky and heavy, The O is outfitted with enough thrusters to maneuver and fly at very high speed.
    In terms of weapons, The O is only equipped with 4 beam swords and an optional beam rifle. However, thanks to its unique sub-arms, The O can wield all four swords at once, something that no other mobile suit could do.

    The last special feature of The O however is the bio sensor (which was first installed in the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam), which functions like a psycommu system and allows the powerful Newtype Scirocco to more easily interface with his suit.

    It's model number: PMX, stands for: P-Paptimus Scirocco; M-MS/MA; X-Protptype. 003 means it's the third mobile suit made by Scirocco. 
  • Source:Wikipedia

    Reviews by: blakebru97

    Reviews by: tc012009

    Personally love the 2nd video review at it give me a bumblebee-dam / bumblebee-gundam
MG 1/100 PMX-003 THE-O
MG 1/100 PMX-003 THE-O
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