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PCQ Powder Mask (1kg)

PCQ Powder Mask (1kg)
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Product Information
Deep Sea - Purifying (26101):
With two-way regulating pH value of the skin effect, can whitening, freckle, desalt melanin, improve sensitive skin, the skin of discharge of lead, mercury and other heavy metals, which can effectively eliminate acne and scar, for the red blood vessels skin also have a unique effect; convergence of skin, reduce wrinkles, delay aging; promote skin with white, shiny, elastic. l Clean: containing the mineral composition and facial skin closely, the higher temperature and humidity moisture will make cutin softening, capillary dilatation, stacked in the dirt can take the chance to exclude; l Oil Control: without special oil composition for dry, oily skin, apply; l Nurture: the effective components in the slime will effectively and thoroughly to the deep skin tissue, and skin the effective utilization and absorption;Moisturizing: can effectively soften the obstruction in the pore mouth hardened sebum, and help skin to lock moisture; l Anti aging: Minerals in itself is rich in highly nourishing ingredients, can strengthen the vitality of cells, complement the skin lacking oxygen, thus slowing the aging skin; l White: it can be mild effect on the deep skin, skin from the underlying begin to purify, from the inside out to change the skin pigmentation.

Peppermint - Oily Skin (26102):
Moisturizing, whitening, oil control,relieve skin fatigue. This mask provide the feeling with cooling, calm, with fresh mint, moisturizing and whitening effect, promote skin with brightening and anti-acne. Contain natural peppermint extract, provide excellent skin calming effect; unique ingredients strengthen the elasticity of the skin; restores the skin stability; super replenishment sedation, repair after-sun skin injuries, can repair cells, increase skin elasticity, deep clean the skin, remove dead skin, long-term use can promote skin with white lusten.

Kiwi - Whitening (26103):
Outstanding moisturizing and whitening, penetrate into skin, remove aged cutin, effectively inhibit the dark spots and melanin decomposition desalination, but also promote skin tension is maintained on the synthesis of collagen, effectively prevent wrinkles and skin relaxation phenomena, after using the skin more transparent and fair, delicate and smooth. Improve the skin, prevent fine lines, promote collagen and hyaluronic acid and other substances produced, restore and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

O2 Berry - Hydrating (26104):
Blueberry contains polysaccharides, amino acids, organic acids and trace metal natural moisturizing factor ( NMF ), the natural moisturizing for woman, can supplement the skin moisture loss in part, resume adhesive prion protein in the work, prevent wrinkles, keep skin smooth, soft, elastic. After use, can make you dry rough skin tender, delicate. The natural nutrients, remove melanoma, lily-white skin, feel perfect.Blueberries contain melanin components VA, VB, VE, arbutin, protein, anthocyanin, and SOD essence, deep inside the skin, eliminate stains, remove dirt, VE was sunlight shielding, and it can prevent ultraviolet radiation on the immune system of harm, and can restore the damaged immune function to get healed, sunburn, skin whitening, light, delicate, elastic.

Rose - Lifting (26105):
100% plant extracts and high activity of natural rose has superior antioxidant capacity, can reduce the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, can promote metabolism, beauty function; the mask except for skin cleansing, moisturizing, tighten and promoting microcirculation, which also contains vitamin C nutrition, vitamin C penetrate unto the skin, clear skin in reactive oxygen radicals, promote blood circulation, strengthen the skin moisturizing ability, so as to reduce the crease, rough skin, delay skin senility.

Chamomile - Sensitive (26106):

Chamomile is one of the best materials to mask coating, making its way up into human skin tissue, can effectively maintain the health of the skin, enhance skin cells and blood vessel plumper, showing good beauty effect. Chamomile and glycyrrhizin hydrolysis products with good skin penetration, to promote skin microvascular circulation and prevent keratin has very good effect, is beneficial in the treatment of acne, dark spots, freckles, lessen the discomfort caused by skin allergies, skin is a neutral, soft and flexible, so as to achieve retaining spring beauty.
PCQ Powder Mask (1kg)
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