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Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]

Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
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Product Information
= Product Introduction / 产品介绍=
The noodle press is a food machine that replaces traditional hand-kneaded dough after mixing flour and water evenly.
It can be used to make noodles, swallow skin, pastries, pasta, etc. The noodles and gluten pressed by the noodle pressing machine have high toughness, resistance to boiling and breaking.
It is suitable for use in family hotels, restaurant canteens, pastry factories, bakeries and various pastry processing units or individual industrial and commercial households.

= Product Features / 产品特色=
The Imperia Titania Pasta Machine is a superior quality “all in one” pasta maker from Italy’s finest manufacturer of home pasta machines. The double rollers produce 150mm wide pasta sheets suitable for lasagne, and the 2 inbuilt cutters enable you to quickly and easily produce 2mm Tagliatelle or 6.5mm Fettucine.
Imperia Titania面条机是意大利最好的家用面条机制造商生产的高质量“多合一”面条机。 双辊可生产150毫米宽的意大利面,适用于烤宽面条,而2台内置切割机可让您快速轻松地生产2毫米的意大利面条或6.5毫米的Fettucine。

= Company Profile / 公司简介=
Lineapasta was officially established in 2009 with one big target: provide to the pasta operators the largest international online market for the pasta suppliers. The purchase of equipments for the production and the processing of pasta is complex and it requires a professional who can follow you and help you in your choices, this is why Lineapasta undertakes to help and advise you step by step in all the choices that will help you produce the best pasta.
Lineapasta于2009年正式成立,其主要目标是:为面食经营者提供最大的面食供应商国际在线市场。 购买用于意大利面食生产和加工的设备很复杂,需要专业人员来跟随您并在您的选择中为您提供帮助,这就是为什么Lineapasta会逐步帮助您并为您提供建议的原因 您可以制作出最好的面食。

Product name/產品名字:TITANIA Pasta Maker 擀面机
Brand / 品牌:TITANIA
Material/制材:stainless steel
Application/用途:It can be used to make noodles, swallow skin, pastries, pasta, etc.
Country of Origin/產地:Italy
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
Pasta Maker 擀面机 [TITANIA]
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