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Ortea® FrozenAge Desirous 5-in-1 Eye Cream- 10ml

Ortea® FrozenAge Desirous 5-in-1 Eye Cream- 10ml
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Each tube of FrozenAge Desirous contains at least 1 million plant cells of Damas rose and Egypt Lily, releasing arsenal of potent ingredients upon contact with targeted skin area. Its efficacy is much more better compare to stem cells. In addition, Persian silk tree and Anuurka apple deliver high dose of antioxidant and tightening effect to quickly reduce appearance of eye bags and dark circle. This concentrated product deliver progressive long-term visible results within 14 days!

Skin type: all skin type

Skin concern: puffy eyes, dark circles, Crow's feet, sagging eyelids, fine lines


-reduce dark circles

-reduce puffy eyes

-reduce wrinkles and Crow's feet

-reduce appearance of fine lines

-lifting eyelids



Key Ingredients: active plant cells of Egypt Lily, Damas Rose, Persian silk tree and Annurka apple

Egypt Lily with plant cell encapsulation technology. Egypt Lily is a symbol of god Nefertem, representing many concepts in Ancient Egypt. It is best known for its antiaging properties by limiting degradation in the heart of skin, keeping younger skin for a longer time.
Damas Rose with plant cell encapsulation technology. Cultivated since ancient Rome, Damas rose flowers only twice a year. It was associated to the goddess of beauty Venus long time ago. Damas rose could modulate cells' activity, thus producing smooth and firm skin.


Apply FrozenAge Desirous around the eyes area. apply twice a day.

Ortea® FrozenAge Desirous 5-in-1 Eye Cream- 10ml
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