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Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set

Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
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Deeply detoxifying, purifying and revitalizing your skin. AcneFix works on 5 inter-dependent factors that causes acne. It is currently the most complete solution for acne skin! Formulated with traditional herbs, namely Tibetan Chrysanthemum, Mediterranean sweet clover, Japanese honeysuckle, and Rhode Island's witch hazel,  that deliver such extraordinary anti-acne effect. It works beyond antibacteria and soothing, It also functions to reduce inflammatory, reduce oxidation, and repair acne skin.

Technology: traditional medicines

Skin type: acne-prone skin, oily skin

Skin concern: acne, pimple scar, oily, redness, rosacea, dilated pores

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-reduce acne

-reduce oiliness

-reduce pores




-accelerate healing of acne

-reduce post-acne scars


Key Ingredients: ginseng, chrysanthymum, dandelion, herba violae, honeysuckle, peony, witch hazel, sea protein, chamomile  and fruit acids.

Image result for sweet cloverOur yellow sweet clover is originated from the Mediterranean. It is a sweet-smelling herbs used by native European.  It is naturally rich in coumarin that function on anti-redness. Our sweet clover is cultivated in organic farming, assuring no toxic chemicals being used. 

Related imageOur Chrysanthemum is wild-grown at Tibet and processed in our France laboratory. It's natural soothing properties is best remedies for acne-prone skin. The extraction employed involves only plant based glycerin; assuring no traces of toxic chemicals being used in the manufacturing process. 

Related imageHoneysuckle is well-known in ancient chinese medicine for its efficacy in fighting acne. Our honeysuckle is cultivated in Japan. It is naturally rich in flavones and phenolic acids; which is known scientifically able to soothe irritated skin. 

Image result for witch hazelRhode Island's Witch hazel is grown from organic farming. Certified organic and uses only plant based glycerin to extract its active components, the proanthocyanine is best-known for its purification and astringent properties, effectively reducing acne-causing bacteria. 


Cleansed face with AcneFix Foam Cleanser, apply Fruit Acid Rejuvenator with a cotton, follow withAcneFix Intensive treatment. Use twice daily.

Set contain

AcneFix Foam Cleanser 50ml

AcneFix Fruit Acid Rejuvenator 2x30ml

AcneFix Intensive Treatment 20ml

Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
Ortea® AcneFix Complete Set
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