Oral-B Mouth Rinse 7 Benefit (500ml x2)

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Oral-B Mouth Rinse 7 Benefit (500ml x2)
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7 Benefits For Healthier Mouth & Stronger Teeth^

Features and Benefits

No burn*

0% Alcohol^

Reduces 99% Bacteria**

Freshen breath

Fight plaque, Reduce bacteria accumulation

Strengthen enamel, Prevent cavities

Clean teeth, Protect healthy gums

'+No ethanol added, **Reduces 99% bacteria accumulation. Clinical study on 16 adults by P&G, USA, in Jan06, ^with continued use vs. brushing alone with ordinary fluoride toothpaste. Effect on gum protection and strengthening weakened enamel

Oral-B Mouth Rinse 7 Benefit (500ml x2)
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