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NuvaPine A 160mg 50 VegiCaps

NuvaPine A 160mg 50 VegiCaps
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NuvaPine A 160mg 50 VegiCaps
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Product details of NuvaPine A 160MG 50 VEGICAPS

  • NuvaPineA is made of BioEffective A, a biological0mg 50Sly effective nutritional product researches as antioxidant, anti-microbial, gastrointestinal healing and detoxification substance. It uses a specialised patented technology involving the extraction of 'living elements' from conifer trees in a way that both preserves and amplifies its biological activity. As a natural antioxidant complex, Bioeffective A helps to prevent premature aging in cells, bringing about the following benefits: Cholesterol and triglyceride lowering Protect cells from malfunction and disease Better heart and nerves health Better immune health The anti-microbial functions of Bioeffective A include actions as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent with the following benefits: Protection from infectious respiratory infections Recovery from respiratory infections Protection from gastric ulceration (H.pylori) Recovery from gastric ulceration (H.pylori) Bioeffective A helps to improve stomach and gut health with the following benefits: Recovery of stomach and gut functions Better digestive health leads to improved immune health Bioeffective A has been shown to prevent toxins overload in the body by its detoxifying actions in the blood and liver, with the following benefits: Heavy metal detoxification Reduction in severity of chemotherapy side effects Recovery of liver functions including hepatitis Dosage: Upper respiratory tract infection/influenza/Sinusitis Take ONE-TWO capsules every 2 hours. Chew the contents and let the substance provide local relief. Next dose swallow the capsule with warm water. Keep alternating in this way. Once settled, take TWO-FOUR caps daily. Pre-conception Care Take ONE cap TWICE daily for 3-6 months prior by both prospective parents. Pregnancy Take TWO caps daily throughout the pregnancy Antioxidant therapy Take TWO- THREE caps daily. Hangover prevention Take TWO to THREE caps before drinking, TWO caps before bed and TWO caps on waking. Children less than 12 years old: (Upper respiratory tract infections, sore throats, influenza, herpes infections, food poisoning), sinusitis Period of infection: Take ONE cap THREE times daily. Maintenance/Prevention:
  • Take ONE TWO caps daily. Note: Bioeffective A is suitable for children from age one. However, ability to swallow capsules well would be a prerequisite to aid compliance due to its unfamiliar, chlorophyll taste. Alternately the contents of the capsule can be squeezed out and used with a suitable medium such as Ribena or light olive oil.

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1 BOX NuvaPine A 160mg 50 VEGICAPS

NuvaPine A 160mg 50 VegiCaps
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