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Nuvaflex B Green Lipped Mussel Extract 80’S

Nuvaflex B Green Lipped Mussel Extract 80’S
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Product Information
  • NuvaFlex B™ is a 100% natural functional food supplement to assist in the maintenance of joint mobility and the prevention of joint problems.
  • NuvaFlex B™ contains Biolane®, an extract of New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (GLME), a clinically proven anti-aging and anti-inflammatory formulation for joints.
  • People who are suffering from the following conditions:


    Rheumatoid arthritis


    Joint inflammation

  • For an initial course of 3-4 months, take 2 capsules TWICE daily. This can be reduced to a dose of 2 capsules daily for continued joint maintenance. Doses can be increased whenever necessary to achieve improved mobility.
  • NT-Flam™ can be taken at any time of the day, immediately after meals.
  • There are many Green-Lipped mussel products in the market, mostly claiming the benefits of the results from clinical studies done on Biolane®. Well-known brands containing Biolane® such as Seatone and Musseltone sold abroad are marketed in Malaysia under the brand name NuvaFlex B™. The only way you will be able to tell is the Biolane® trademark name as assurance of it being the original ACTIVE green-lipped mussel extract that works. Other mussel products will normally contain Green-Lipped mussel oil which is only the oil fraction derived from the New Zealand Green-Lipped mussel. This lipid fraction is no more than an Omega 3 oil, basically a fish oil.

    Other products will also claim that their green-lipped mussel is protein free and therefore allergy free. Unfortunately by only retaining the oil fraction and omitting the protein fraction from the mussel extract, the product is rendered inactive. There have been also cases of hepatitis A related to consumption of OTHER Green-Lipped mussel products whose source and quality are unknown. Only Biolane® is able to preserve the active components of the green-lipped mussel extract through its unique extraction method to bring you a SAFE product that you can take with confidence.

    The manufacturers of Biolane® own the mussel farm which also supplies mussels to the food industry locally and internationally. The choice morsels are of course selected to produce Biolane®. In 2004, Biolane® received the Blue Ocean award, an exceptional praise and recognition for recording the highest score ever for an industry having minimal impact on the environment.

Most people who find relief from their condition after taking NuvaFlex B™ continue to take it without any problems. Because they do not wish to return to their previous state, users do take NuvaFlex B™ for the long term. NuvaFlex B™ has been in the market for over 30 years with no reports of adverse side effects with long-term use. Such a track record lends confidence to its safety and efficacy profile.
  • Yes. As a joint anti-aging and anti-inflammatory product, NuvaFlex B™ works differently from glucosamine. Glucosamine is the “raw material” used by joint cells to re-build damaged cartilage while NuvaFlex B™ helps rejuvenate damaged joint cells to utilize this “raw material”. Those who have not experience benefits from glucosamine or chondroitin should take NuvaFlex B™ because of its unique actions.
  • No. Those who abruptly stop their painkillers will feel pain as the actions of NuvaFlex B™ are slow. It is recommended that patients gradually reduce their reliance on painkillers after taking NuvaFlex B™ for at least 4 – 6 weeks. NuvaFlex B™ has the additional benefit of offering protection from the side effects of commonly used painkillers.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin, Indomethacin and Phenylbutazone are pain-killers which stops the pain related to arthritis. Unfortunately these comes with side effects of gastric or kidney problems when taken long term. Furthermore, these pain killers actually prevent the joint repair process. Newer drugs have been developed without causing gastric ulcers but are besieged with the potential for causing cardiovascular problem.

    NuvaFlex B™ has been found to contain a unique blend of carbohydrate, lipids and proteins which is able to help joint repair by addressing the origins of the condition thereby helping the body to heal. Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, NuvaFlex B™ does not cause gastric or kidney damage. On the contrary, it helps to protect these organs, making it a suitable complement to people having the need for pain-killers.

    It has to be noted that NuvaFlex B™ is not a painkiller and will not work instantly to relief pain. This is because the joint repair process in which NuvaFlex B™ is affecting, takes time. For those requiring pain relief, it is recommended that an anti-inflammatory drug be taken (for the short term) at the same time as NuvaFlex B™.

  • Yes, even those with high blood pressure can take NuvaFlex B™. However, those on a completely salt-free diet should avoid NuvaFlex B™ as very small amounts of natural sea salts are found in NuvaFlex B™. The following people should also avoid NuvaFlex B™:

    Anyone with an allergy to seafood

    Those who have gout because people with gout should avoid food which may trigger an attack such as seafood

  • NuvaFlex B™ is a natural product and not a drug whose effects are immediate. The repair of joints is a slow and gradual process. Most people experience results within 6 weeks, others not until after 12-14 weeks of taking Biolane® regularly. Just as the process of arthritis develops long before symptoms are felt, the process of joint restoration will also take time.
  • Yes, NuvaFlex B™ has been given to children as young as 1 year. It tastes like dried squid. NuvaFlex B™ may be sprinkled onto foods for children who are too young to swallow capsules. Half the adult dose is recommended.
  • Even though studies show that it is safe, we DO NOT recommend that NuvaFlex B™ be taken during pregnancy. However, lactating mothers may safely take NuvaFlex B™.
  • Biolane® the active ingredient in NuvaFlex B™ has been sold internationally for more than 30 years with no side effects having been reported. However, a number of patients have reported an initial increased in pain, stiffness or joint discomfort after commencing which is a temporary condition. Patients with such symptoms often go on to experience good results upon continuing.
  • People look for the Biolane® logo to ensure that they are getting the original, unique, proven and complete Active New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Extract. These discerning users will benefit from the on-going Biolane® branded research and its credible science.

Main Features

  • Increases joint mobility
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduces Pain
  • Protects from further joint damage (Chondroprotective)
  • Protects stomach from ulceration when taken with NSAIDs (Gastroprotective)
Nuvaflex B Green Lipped Mussel Extract 80’S
Nuvaflex B Green Lipped Mussel Extract 80’S
Nuvaflex B Green Lipped Mussel Extract 80’S
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