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NOVACARE (25 sachets x 15g)

NOVACARE (25 sachets x 15g)
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Product Information

Brief Introduction of Novacare
As living standards continue to rise, constipation and skin aging are steadily becoming important problems in modern day urban life. Recognizing this, our company has launched a new, cutting-edge product which is fast becoming the talk of Asia.

Collagen + Soluble Fiber = Beautification and Detoxification

One major cause of wrinkles is a lack of Collagen. For the maintenance of beautiful and healthy skin, Collagen is essential.

Collagen > A substance essential for sustaining moist and smooth, healthy skin.

Collagen is found naturally in human skin. However, as we age beyond 25 years, the amount of collagen in our skin will begin to drop. This will reduce the elasticity and water capacity of our skin, making it limp, thin and dry, as well as increasing wrinkles.

Novacare Plus Collagen Ingredients & Functions

  • Collagen - An important protein in your body.
  • Green tea - Contains antioxidants that protect you from aging
  • Soluble dietary fibers - Remove cholesterol, reduce digestion rate, critical to diabetic persons
  • Kiwifruit juice – Full of vitamins B6 and C which are essential for preventing oxidation of cell nuclei (cause for cancer)
  • Beneficial bacteria – Strengthen the protective mucous membranes in intestines, prevent intestinal cancers, help in digestion, improve bowel movements and detoxication process in intestines

Usage Instructions
Take 1 ~ 2 sachets daily. Mix with warm or cold drinking water and stir well before consumption.

Novacare Functions

  • To prevent wrinkles, maintain skin smoothness and elasticity.
  • Eliminate pigmentation and skin spots.
  • Promote skin cell metabolism.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Reduce cholesterol level.
  • Eliminate bad breath and clear alimentary tract.
  • Promote fat metabolism (slimming effect).
  • Regulate blood sugar.
  • Anti-cancer effects.
  • Combats diabetes.

Attention to diet

  • Breakfast and Dinner Only
  • Rice Small Bowl
  • 3 liter Water Per Day
  • No deep fried meal
  • No meal for supper time
  • Can eat the soup, vegetable and chicken
NOVACARE (25 sachets x 15g)
NOVACARE (25 sachets x 15g)
NOVACARE (25 sachets x 15g)
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