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No Borders: The Politics of Immigration Control and Resistance

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9781783604678 – No Borders: The Politics of Immigration Co
Zed Books
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Author: Natasha King
Subjects: Migration, Labour Rights, Politics
Condition: Good
Publisher: Zed Books
Published: 2016
Paperback, 208 pages
‘An inspiring call to join communities around the world and work for the full realization of human rights.’
Chris Crass, author of Towards Collective Liberation

‘The first extended analysis of Europe’s No Borders movement, from an activist with first-hand experience of the struggle for free movement.’
Matt Carr, author of Fortress Europe

‘An activists' guide to what it means to refuse borders in practice.’
Reece Jones, author of Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move



From the streets of Calais to the borders of Melilla, Evros and the United States, the slogan 'No borders!' is a thread connecting a multitude of different struggles for the freedom to move and to stay. But what does it mean to make this slogan a reality?

Drawing on the author's extensive research in Greece and Calais, as well as a decade campaigning for migrant rights, Natasha King explores the different forms of activism that have emerged in the struggle against border controls, and the dilemmas these activists face in translating their principles into practice.

Wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, No Borders constitutes vital reading for anyone interested in how we make radical alternatives to the state a genuine possibility for our times, and raises crucial questions on the nature of resistance.



Natasha has been involved in a lot of different expressions of the struggle for the freedom of movement, in the UK, Calais and elsewhere. Natasha would like to call herself an author but isn’t sure if you can do that after finishing your first book. She hopes this will be the first of many. Natasha has a PhD in politics from the University of Nottingham, Centre for Social and Global Justice. She is from the south of England and is based in Nottingham. Right now she is travelling around Europe exploring different kinds of autonomous communities.

No Borders: The Politics of Immigration Control and Resistance
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