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Nice Feel High Fibre Nutrition Drink (14 sachets x 15gm) (225gm)

Nice Feel High Fibre Nutrition Drink (14 sachets x 15gm) (225gm)
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Product Information

Nice Feel Cleanses The Intestines

  • Do you take more then 15 minutes to empty your bowels every time?
  • Do you empty your bowels less than once a day?
  • Do you stools look black, hard, dry and stink?

Prevention of constipation & tummy starts from gut cleansing

Our intestine is one of the organs with the heaviest work load. The food we consume will enter the intestines from the stomach within 1 day. Normally, our bowel health is closely associated with the amount of stool excreted.

The impacted fecal stools on our intestinal wall are estimated at about 2-3kg.

The increase of digestive wasters in the intestines is due to irregular diet, excessive eating habits, mental stress, etc. These are also factors that lead to constipation. Hence, gut cleansing is the first step towards the prevention of constipation and big belly.

Nice Feel is specially formulated with the following ingredients

Dietary fibre: Absorbs water and expands. Extend the digestive wasters and longer stay in the stomach. Creates sense of satiation, increase the absorption of nutrients, and prevents obesity.

Psyllium Husk: Helps softens digestive wasters, maintains the normal internal pressure of intestines, smoothens excretion of wasters, and prevents constipation.

Bifidobacterium Longum: cleanses the guts and enhances immunity.

Spirulina: Contains dietary fibre & protein, improves the digestive-absorptive functions of the guts. Effective for gut cleansing.

Effects after the consumption of Nice Feel

After 1-7 days:
1. Increased stools. The impacted fecal stools are eliminated (black & foul)
2. Guts feel slightly uncomfortable, frequent farting.
3. Stools floating on the surface. Looks yellowish brown.

After 7-20 days:
1. Bowel movement back to normal. Less toxin in blood, tissues and organs. More oxygen in body. Feeling more revitalized.
2. Cleanses the blood. Toxin level reduced considereably. Skin looks more radiant and beautiful.
3. Reduces water content in the intestines. Cuts down the toxins resulted from water fecal mixture for a long time.

After more than 20 days:
1. Toxins will be removed.
2. Effective in improving & preventingvarious diseases of civilization & chronic disease. Promotes health, youthfulness & beauty. Enhanced immunity.
3. Eliminates toxin from body, improve constitution and relieves symptoms of related diseases.

(Depend on individual body condition)


Recommanded use:
2 sachets daily. Pour in 250ml of cold water. Stir well and drink. Adults may consume one sachet 20 minutes before meals every morning and night on empty stomach.

Remain directions of using Nice Feel.
1 sachet daily, maintains our intestine in healthly conditions.

Mix with soya bean milk, fruit jiuce, vegetable juice, honey or your favourite beverage for better taste.

Drink plenty of water (3000cc) after consumption for enhanced benefits.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place.

Contraindication: Pregnant women and those with symptoms such as vomiting, stomach ache and rectal bleeding should consult doctors before consumption.

Packing: 15sachets x 15gm (Box Type: weight 225gm)

2 Major Benefits

  • Relieves constipation, effective in 5 days!
  • Reduces big belly, effective in 20 days!

3 Major Functions

  • Cleanses the intestines!
  • Loses weight effectively!
  • Increase good bacteria in the guts!
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