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New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey 1Kg

New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey 1Kg
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Product Information
New Morning Organic Leathewood Honey 1Kg

Product Description

The Taste of Tasmania - Leatherwood Honey

Tasmania is a special place. Australia’s island state contains some of the world’s most primitive and ancient wilderness and boasts the world’s cleanest air and water. Tasmanians have a unique opportunity to harvest pure and natural honey – Leatherwood Honey. Tasmania is the only place in the world where Leatherwood honey is produced.

Leatherwood Honey production goes back to the mid 19th century around the central west coast of Tasmania, Australia. This remote and inhospitable area was responsible for one of the first industries creating wealth to help develop the newly settled colony. This unique honey made its way to the trading ships visiting the isolated port town of Strahan. So not only did these ships carry off the precious metals but also this equally precious honey to far off places where its quality and flavour won immediate recognition. Thus began the international reputation of Leatherwood honey.

Leatherwood tree, which gets its name from the leathery texture of its leaves, are at their most productive stage when they mature, 100 plus years, with a life expectancy of 250 years and longer. The Leatherwood flowers abundantly each year beginning in early January at its lower altitude and progresses higher up the mountains through until mid March when the first cold of winter shut off the flowering. From the humble beginnings, Leatherwood honey production has grown to 600 – 1000 tonnes per annum. Leatherwood honey has been recognized by connoisseurs of food as one of the finest premium gourmet honey in the world.

The Success Story of a Three-Generation Beekeeper

Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd is a renowned beekeeper in Tasmania. It is owned and operated by the Charles family, the business roots tracing back three generations to Bernard Charles who kept bees as a hobby and a source of food. Rueben Charles (son of Bernard) was a bushman with a fascination with bees. A hobby out of control became a family enterprise.

In year 1969, an access track to the west coast opens through the Tarkine Wilderness. A beautiful and remote area in the center of the west coast, concentrated with Leatherwood trees. Only 20 people a year access this remote region and Australian Quality Honey is half of them. Rueben and his wife Beryl expanded the production and developed the business into a major Tasmanian bulk honey producer and the first Australian firm to export honey to Japan in the 1960s.

Rueben was passionate about the Tasmanian beekeeping industry and Leatherwood honey. He was given an OAM (Order of Australia medal) for services to beekeeping and a life membership from the Tasmanian Beekeeping Association.

A new chapter began when the business was passing on to his son, Robbie and Robbie’s wife, Nicola. Robbie continues the Tasmanian beekeeping industry and as a president of the Murchison District Leatherwood Committee.

Having produced premium Leatherwood honey sourced from the pristine Tarkine wilderness, Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd has won several awards and medals – 2 Gold medals at the Tasmanian Fine Food in 2005, 1 Gold medal and 1 Bronze medal in 2006, and 2 Silver at the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards in 2007.

In year 2007, they attained organic accreditation from the Organic Food Chain and USDA (No. 0498) and Halal accreditation for their precious Leatherwood Honey. They were the first apiary business in Australia to introduce the BQUAL industry initiated quality assurance system in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Food safety requirement. HACCP accreditation soon followed.

New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey is produced by Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd.

The Health Benefits of New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey

Gastric Upset
A teaspoon of Leatherwood honey on the onset of gastric ailments seems to shorten and in some cases end the gastro inflicted by communicably acquired infection or ingestion of bacteria.

Wound Care
Leatherwood honey has naturally high antibacterial activity. The antibacterial activity helps to clear and heal infected wounds when apply on skin.

Besides, honey as a saturated solution of sugar and has osmotic (water withdrawing) properties. Water molecules strongly react with the sugars in honey leaving little water available for microorganisms. The bacteria that cause infection are unable to survive in honey become dehydrated and eventually die off.

Cough & Cold Remedy
Leatherwood honey, hot water and lemon used as a gargle and a drink at the onset of a sore throat can ease and cure the throat, and in some cases reduce the onset of a respiratory infection. Leatherwood honey has been shown to control persistent night cough.

Cure for Excessive Alcohol intake
Leatherwood honey has traditionally been a cure for too much festive cheer. It is surmised that the rich vitamin B and minerals naturally occurring in Leatherwood honey aid in replacing that which alcohol is known to displace. The liver is able to utilize the honey quicker to reduce the hang over.

Rich in Antioxidant
Polyphenols in foods are powerful antioxidants and they play an important role in human health to scavenge free radicals and prevent degenerative diseases. The most important classes of antioxidant polyphenols are the flavonoids and phenolic acid. Based on the research by Bruce R D’Arcy (RIRDC Publication No 05/040 Project No. UQ-102A) reported that Leatherwood honey not only contains flavonoids, but rich in many phenolic acids. Therefore, Leatherwood honey is a powerful antioxidant.

The Uniqueness of New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey

New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey is a premium gourmet honey that captures the essence of Leatherwood tree nectar in the protected Tarkine Wilderness – the only place in the world where Leatherwood honey is produced.

• Environment – New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey is produced and being sourced from the pristine rainforest of Tarkine wilderness, one of the world’s cleanest air and water area, means the honey stands out as a truly 100% natural and pure honey

• Mono-Floral – New Morning Organic Leatherwood honey is a mono-floral honey, contains only Leatherwood honey. It does not blend with other floral honey that may dilute the honey’s purity.

• Cold Extraction – We employs cold extraction process which ensures all natural goodness of the honey, i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes, are retained to promote energy and general well-being.

• Organic Accreditation – Successfully attaining Organic accreditation with the Organic Food Chain and USDA No. 0498

• Halal Accreditation – Accredited with Halal Certification Authority in Australia (HCAA)

• Quality Assurance – BQUAL quality assurance certified and HACCP accredited

• Distinctive taste and aroma – High commendation at the World Honey Show. Won numerous medals at the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey can be used for a verity of purposes: as a spread on toast, over cornflakes, in coffee or tea, dissolve in water as a sports drink or as an ingredient in recipes as it not only sweetens but adds a fantastic flavour to cakes or muffins. Generally, it can be used anywhere but for a much more exciting flavour!

Manufactured : Product Of Australia
Pack Size: 1Kg
New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey 1Kg
New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey 1Kg
New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey 1Kg
New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey 1Kg
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