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Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition) Exp: Jan 2021

Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition) Exp: Jan 2021
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Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition)

Expiry Date: Jan 2021

• Kids breakfast cereal that looks and tastes like chocolate chip
• With carbohydrates and fibre to provide you energy
• Best served with 125ml of full cream milk for one serving
• Contains approximately 11 servings
• Store in a cool dry place. After opening, store in air-tight container to keep contents fresh
• With fibre, vitamins and minerals
• Pack size: 330g per pack
• Halal certified
Make breakfast exciting again for your kids with NESTLE COOKIE CRISP, the breakfast cereal with uniquely delicious mini chocolate chip cookies. With whole grains as its main ingredients, it contains 8 vitamins, mineral and dietary to provide your kids enough energy to fuel them through their days.
To make their breakfast better, serve NESTLE COOKIE CRISP with a bowl of NESTLE JUST MILK Full Cream Milk for the unmistakable chocolate chip flavour that your kids will definitely love. An irresistible bowl of goodness that will kick start their morning the right way!

Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition) Exp: Jan 2021
Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition) Exp: Jan 2021
Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition) Exp: Jan 2021
Nestle Cookie Crisp 330g (Birthday Edition) Exp: Jan 2021
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