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Nestle Cerelac Preb 1 350g Rice Milk

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Product Information

Start your child’s journey towards optimum health. This nutrient-dense infant cereal supports your child’s growth and development with essential protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.
• Nutrient-dense infant cereal that supports your childs growth and development
• Meets 50% or more of your child’s required iron values
• Enriched with vitamins and minerals
• Probiotic cultures help in improving beneficial bacteria in the gut
• Added DHA which is found in abundance in the brain
• Pap texture suitable for your childs age that helps develop chewing ability
• Suitable for infants 6 months and above
• Not intended for bottlefeeding
• Pack size: 350g
• Halal certified
The right nutrition during the early childhood can have an important impact on a child’s growth and learning. That is why it is important to have sufficient amount of certain nutrients such as iron, iodine, vitamin B1 and essential fatty acids in your child’s diet.

Nestle Cerelac Preb 1 350g Rice Milk
Nestle Cerelac Preb 1 350g Rice Milk
Nestle Cerelac Preb 1 350g Rice Milk
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