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Nescafe Mocha Can 24 x 240ml Free Jute Bag

Nescafe Mocha Can 24 x 240ml Free Jute Bag
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Nescafe Mocha Can 24 x 240ml Free Jute Bag

• Enjoy a smooth and milky taste from a cold coffee

• Pack size: 240ml
• HALAL certified

You can always have the best of both worlds in a can - coffee with a hint of cocoa. The NESCAFÉ® Mocha is the perfect coffee drink to give you that refreshing feeling any time of the day, anywhere. With every mouthwatering sip, experience smooth, great tasting coffee with a dash of cocoa.
Made with the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta beans perfectly roasted and blended with milk and cocoa for that balanced flavour, the NESCAFÉ® Mocha is a delightful blend for every occasion.



Nescafe Mocha Can 24 x 240ml Free Jute Bag
Nescafe Mocha Can 24 x 240ml Free Jute Bag
Nescafe Mocha Can 24 x 240ml Free Jute Bag
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