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NatBerry Plus 100 tablets (Improve Eyesight/ Reduce Eye Problems)

NatBerry Plus 100 tablets (Improve Eyesight/ Reduce Eye Problems)
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The human eye is a marvelous organ. It works like a camera and is divided into two chambers. The first chamber at the front is between the cornea and the lens. The second chamber is between the lens and the retina. The retina is the most important part of the eye because it is the part that allows the eye to see. The retina has many nerve cells and tiny blood vessels that provide it with nutrition and also allows the flow of oxygen which enables it to function properly.

How does NATBERRY Plus Help to Relieve Tired Eyes?

NATBERRY Plus tablet contains bilberry and wolfberry extracts.

Bilberry is a shrub related to the blueberry and grows in the meadows of Northern Europe

while wolfberry, or better known as Kai Chee, has been used for 2, 000 years in the Chinese traditional medicine. The medicinally active component of a ripe bilberry fruit consists of flavonoid compound known. Wolfberry contains zeaxanthin that is essential for the retina as it is rich in nutrients and antioxidant qualities.


Take NATBERRY Plus tablets today for healthy eyes

Each tablet contains: 120mg of bilberry extract and 25mg of wolfberry extract. Pack size: 10 blisters x 10 tablets.

NatBerry Plus 100 tablets (Improve Eyesight/ Reduce Eye Problems)
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