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Nadiya Granite Sauce Pan (16cm) 1.2L CLGSP-16

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Nadiya Granite Non-Stick Sauce Pan (16cm) (1.2L Capacity) CLGSP-16 With Glass Lid • Die cast aluminium energy saving cookware. • Inside and out granite non-stick coating, easy to clean. • Wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with soft cloth. • Do not leave an empty casserole on the high head for a long time. • Always use plastic, silicone of wooden utensils to prolong the life of the granite coating. • Measurement (cm): W19 x L13.5 x H39 • 1 Year Warranty This cookware is made of granite coating, a truly non-stick material that lets you cook light, healthy foods without oil or fat. Its non-stick coating is completely impermeable. And the base distributes heat evenly throughout the pan so food cooks faster. This pan/pot can be used on gas, electrical, induction and ceramic hobs. Read these instructions carefully before using the product for the time and keep them in an accessible place for future reference. General and safety indications: • Read these instructions completely and carefully. • Keep out of reach of children. • Do not overheat the empty pan or allow all the liquid to evaporate when cooking. This could negatively affect the coating and the pan/pot non-stick properties. • Be careful not to burn yourself. • Do not pour cold water into the pan while it is still hot. • This could damage the coating. • Do not use the Kitchenware for other uses not specified in these instruction. Instructions for use: • Before using the pan/pot for the first time, wash it with soap and water. • Always use the pan/pot on the corresponding hob and make sure it is aligned with the flame, because handle could be damage by a direct flame. • Using the lid will help maintain the temperature and prevent steam from escaping so that the food does not become too dry. • The pan will stay hot for several minutes even after the heat is turned off. Cleaning instruction • Make sure the pan/pot has cooled down completely before washing it. • Do not use scratch pads or abrasive soaps to clean the pan/pot. • Easy to clean, hand washing recommended.
Nadiya Granite Sauce Pan (16cm) 1.2L CLGSP-16
Nadiya Granite Sauce Pan (16cm) 1.2L CLGSP-16
Nadiya Granite Sauce Pan (16cm) 1.2L CLGSP-16
Nadiya Granite Sauce Pan (16cm) 1.2L CLGSP-16
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