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Welcome to mytraumabag! 

FFAS had been supplying trauma bags & responder kits to doctor's offices, Emergency Response Teams, ambulance services, medical suppliers, clinics and end-users for many years. Our bags are easily seen on medical scenes and facilities. It has been a pleasure for our team to provide suitable bags to frontline people like you. 

"Price" and "Quality" are two important aspects that FFAS continues to uphold. We try our best to supply high quality packs & cases with affordable prices to first aid and emergency response providers in South East Asia.  We always hope that our customers can get the best piece of equipment that will suit your needs in the noble mission of saving lives. 


Feel free to browse through our products, Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help. Thank you and hope you have a nice experience with us. 

RM 450.00
RM 400.00
Scoop Stretcher
RM 2,300.00
RM 1,700.00
Pulse oximeter (Type III - Blue)
RM 120.00
RM 60.00

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