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1. Why MyHerbs capsule is suitable for Malaysian?
A: Malaysia, a tropical country, is exposed to hot weather all year round. Due to the prevailing heat, people get sick easily. Besides, Malaysians like to eat the heaty foods like nasi lemak, curry, durian, fried chicken hamburger etc, resulting in inner body heat lead to all sorts of diseases. MyHerbs capsule is a healthy product which helps to relieve body heatiness, sore throat and constipation. It is proved to improve our general health by regulating our digestive system.

2. Is Myherbs Capsule safe for consumption?
A: Yes. MyHerbs Capsule is made of 100% natural Chinese Herbs essence. The capsule does not contain any toxic chemicals. Myherbs Capsule has been tested and approved by The Ministry of Health Malaysia and proven that it is safe to consume. The empty gelatin capsules are also certified HALAL by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia, which is suitable for consumption by Muslims.

3. What are the differences between Myherbs Capsule and other slimming products? Why are there people losing their weight and getting slimmer after the consumption of MyHerbs Capsule?
A: Myherbs Capsule is not a slimming product but a Chinese herbal which can be used as supplement and also medicine. As its ingredients are able to relieve constipation and discard toxins, so it helps to reduce body weight. This product has no severe attack of diarrhea. It neither over-stimulates the intestinal nor causes lethargy associated with excess nutrients loss.

4 . How long does it take to see MyHerbs Capsule’s results?
A: Usually most people experience positive effects between 3 to 5 days. This depends on the individual. The longer you consume MyHerbs Capsule, the more significant results will be obtained.

5. Can elderly people take this product?
A: Yes, due to our metabolism does slow when we grow old, elderly people always experience constipation problem. MyHerbs Capsule is recommended to be taken 2 capsules daily at the beginning. You can increase or reduce the dosage according to your body needs.

6. I have skin problem. Can MyHerbs Capsule help me?
A: Yes. MyHerbs Capsule can eliminate body heatiness and toxin, so it is effective to reduce pimples and sores with pus. Besides, MyHerbs Capsule contains nourishing properties, helping to promote blood circulation, resulting healthy complexion.

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