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My Kingdom Manual Breast Pump

My Kingdom Manual Breast Pump
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Wash your hands before using the breast pump.

Make sure the breast pump is assembled correctly.

Pump with comfort position and relax.

Follow the style of pumping inhale~ suctions~ rest.

Pump with consistency, your breast will slowly produce more breastmilk.

Cleaning and sterilizing:

Clean and sterilize all parts of the breast pump before first use.

Before and after each subsequent use, clean and sterilize thoroughly.

When cleaning, dismantle all the parts completely. Also remove the valve,

Be extra careful when removing and cleaning the valve. If the valve is damaged, your breast pump will not function properly.

All parts can be sterilized using a bottle steam sterilizer.


This product is exclusive to personal use only for hygiene and health purposes.

Should you experience pain or discomfort, consult professional.

Storing breast milk:

Pour the express breast milk in to a storage bottle or storage bag and keep in refrigerator or freezer as soon as you have finished pumping.

Allow space for expansion at the top of the bottle or storage bag when freezing the breast milk.

Never store breast milk in the door of the fridge.

You may thaw frozen breast milk overnight in the fridge.

Do not refreeze thawed breast milk.

Warm the breast milk before feeding your infant.

Do not defrost or heat breast milk in a microwave.

My Kingdom Manual Breast Pump
My Kingdom Manual Breast Pump
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