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Ms. Pafe Luxury Kits

Ms. Pafe Luxury Kits
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THE LUXURY KIT (4 items)

净化 Purify @ Nano Hydro Cleanser
平衡 Balance @ Nano Hydro Toner
修复 Repair @ Pafe Beauty Recovery Cream
保护 Protect @ Sunyses UV18

"The Luxury Kit" 含有氨基酸及多种营养成分,具有镇定,迅速愈合,修复,抗氧化,平衡离子与保护细胞而不受自由基攻击。其中“Pafe Beauty Recovery Cream”拥有脂质体效应,可以将活性营养成分渗透进入深层细胞,使活性营养素能有效地发挥其功效性。

The kit contains amino acids & a variety of nutrients. It is best for calming,fast recovery,repair,antioxidant,protecting cells while balancing skin metabolism and free from radical attack. "Pafe Beauty Recovery Cream" is the one with the effect of liposomes, it helps to bring the active nutrients to penetrate into the cells.

适用于: 敏感肌肤问题 Suitable for Sensitive Skin Problem/ All Skin Type

Exogenous factors caused: chemicals, environment and climate, living diet and psychological factors lead the invasion of free radicals, so that the DNA skin cell damage and the cell is instability. Due to the barrier function is destruction, which has affected the loss of the moisture nutrition and also the collagen. This is resulting in skin sensitive and mild itchiness, erythema, and desquamation mild symptoms.

肌肤改善与效果 Improvement & Effectiveness
Stabilize 镇定
Repairing 修复
Grease balancing 平衡油脂
Soothe 舒缓
Hydration 保湿
Skin tone balancing 色素均匀
Cell damage prevention 预防细胞损伤
Strengthen cell immunity 增强细胞免疫力

Nano hydro Cleanser (7 ml)

  • 清新舒缓功能

  • 去除顽固的污垢

  • 促进细胞更新

  • 增加血液循环

  • 提高胶原蛋白(结实和去水肿)

  • 加快细胞的新陈代谢

  • refreshing and soothing properties

  • remove excess and stubborn grime

  • promote cellular renewal

  • increase microcirculation

  • improve the collagen(firming and reduce edema)

  • speed up cells metabolism

Nano hydro Toner (7 ml)

  • 镇定敏感皮肤和平衡皮肤酸碱度

  • 防止皮肤感染及充血

  • 提供水分

  • 促进愈合,增强吸收力

  • 细化毛孔

  • 美白功效

  • to calm sensitive skin and normalize skin

  • prevent skin infection and congestion

  • provide moisture

  • promote healing and enhances permeability

  • refines the pores

  • radiant effect

Pafe Beauty Recovery Cream (7 ml)

  • 高效滋润而不油腻。

  • 高效保湿及抗氧化剂。

  • 高效保护及修复被污染和紫外线及辐射引起的皮肤组织。

  • highly nourishing

  • highly hydrating and anti-oxidant

  • highly protection and repair the skin tissue caused by external aggressive agents, pollution and UV radiation.

Nano Sunyses uv18 (7 ml)

  • 防晒隔离及抗氧化功效,对抗自由基,保护肌肤

  • 防止肌肤失去水分及胶原蛋白与弹性纤维蛋白

  • 皮肤清爽和保湿,让皮肤柔嫩光泽及幼滑效果

  • 防止皮肤细胞受损,平衡愈口伤口功效

  • 适合任何肤质使用


  • provide high UV protection to the skin

  • safety and non-toxicity standard product

  • It’s mineral and physical sunscreen concentrates

  • Refreshing and hydrating skin

  • fight against free radicals and gives maximum protection to all skin types

*Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product.

Ms. Pafe Luxury Kits
Ms. Pafe Luxury Kits
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