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Ms. Pafe Comfort Kits

Ms. Pafe Comfort Kits
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Product Information

净化 Purify @ Nano Hydro Cleanser
平衡 Balance @ Nano Hydro Toner
营养 Nutrients @ Micro Nano DNA Essence
舒缓 Calm @ Pure Soothing Gel
紧致 Tighten@ Cell Regeneration Whitening Cream
修复 Repair @ Pafe Beauty Recovery Cream
保护 Protect @ Sunyses UV18

“The Comfort Kit" 拥有综合性抗氧化及自然美白成分,增加皮肤屏障的修复能力,促进血液循环及新陈代谢,增加细胞间隙的胶原蛋白及弹性纤维蛋白的再生,锁住颗粒层的水分。给于滋养,愈合,活跃及强化细胞免疫力,减轻自由基的攻击及延缓细胞老化。这疗效适于淡化顽固色斑及各类色斑,使肌肤亮丽,结实又光滑。

The kit is used as skin treatment to increase skin's barrier repair mechanisms & protect, speed up cell metabolism, improve the collagen, promote cellular renewal, increase microcirculation,treat sunburn marks, repair & nourish the skin caused by free radicals. The natural whitening, anti aging & UVB/UVC filter effects help to prevent liver spots freckles, pigmentation & to regulate melanogenesis.

适用于: 干性肌肤问题 Suitable for Dry Skin Problem

For lack of oil and dry skin, it will be sweat glands dysfunction, skin cells malnutrition, lack of vitamin A, less of sebum secretion & unable moisturize the skin problems, normally the skin layer is thin &delicate , visible pores, aging, the stratum corneum moisture is below 10%, non-greasy, wrinkled & dull.

肌肤改善与效果 Improvement & Effectiveness
Moisture 滋润
Brighten 光亮
Anti aging 抗老化
Soothe 舒缓
Hydration replenishment 保湿补水
Repair skin cell 修复细胞
Firming 紧肤
Whiten 美白淡斑
Renew collagen 更新胶原蛋白
Strengthen elasticity 增加弹性
Reduce fine lines & wrinkles 减少细纹与皱纹
Soft & Velvety Feeling 丝滑柔软的感觉
Improve metabolism 加速内胚细胞的新陈代谢
Oil Balancing 平衡油脂

Nano hydro Cleanser (7 ml)

  • 清新舒缓功能。

  • 去除顽固的污垢。

  • 促进细胞更新。

  • 增加血液循环。

  • 提高胶原蛋白(结实和去水肿)。

  • 加快细胞的新陈代谢。

  • refreshing and soothing properties

  • remove excess and stubborn grime

  • promote cellular renewal

  • increase microcirculation

  • improve the collagen(firming and reduce edema)

  • speed up cells metabolism

Nano hydro Toner (7 ml)

  • 镇定敏感皮肤和平衡皮肤酸碱度。

  • 防止皮肤感染与阻塞。

  • 提供水分。

  • 促进愈合与吸收能力。

  • 细化毛孔。

  • 美白功效。

  • to calm sensitive skin and normalize skin

  • prevent skin infection and congestion

  • provide moisture

  • promote healing and permeability

  • refines the pores

  • radiant effect

Micro Nano DNA Essence (7 ml)

  • 保护和防止细胞DNA受损。

  • 给予皮肤胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的生产。

  • 抗菌和抗发炎功效。

  • 防止脱水,平衡皮肤的酸碱度。

  • protect and to prevent damage to DNA cells

  • stimulate the production of collagen and elastin

  • anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

  • prevent dehydration and normalize the skin pH

Pure Soothing Gel (5 ml)

  • 镇定敏感皮肤和平衡皮肤酸碱度。

  • 防止皮肤感染及充血。

  • 提供水分。

  • 促进愈合,增强吸收力。

  • 细化毛孔。

  • 美白功效。

  • to calm sensitive skin and normalize skin

  • prevent skin infection and congestion

  • provide moisture

  • promote healing and enhances permeability

  • refines the pores

  • radiant effect

Cell Regeneration Whitening Cream(7 ml)

  • 柔性代谢,含有抗老化功效的美白霜

  • 预防肝斑和雀斑

  • 修复晒伤痕迹, 保护娇嫩的肌肤

  • 调整麦拉宁母细胞,消除黑色素的形成

  • 提升肌肤轮廓,让肌肤柔滑亮丽

  • 针对轻微黑斑,雀斑,黑印,暗苍,炎症,皱纹及暗淡无光皮肤问题

  • soft whitening cream contains anti-aging properties

  • prevention of liver spots and freckles

  • sunburn marks repairing

  • regulation of melanogenesis

  • protects delicate skin

  • eliminates the formation of melanin pigment.

Pafe Beauty Recovery Cream (7 ml)

  • 高效滋润而不油腻。

  • 高效保湿及抗氧化剂。

  • 高效保护及修复被污染和紫外线及辐射引起的皮肤组织。

  • highly nourishing

  • highly hydrating and anti-oxidant

  • highly protection and repair the skin tissue caused by external aggressive agents, pollution and UV radiation.

Nano Sunyses uv18 (7 ml)

  • 防晒隔离及抗氧化功效,对抗自由基,保护肌肤

  • 防止肌肤失去水分及胶原蛋白与弹性纤维蛋白

  • 皮肤清爽和保湿,让皮肤柔嫩光泽及幼滑效果

  • 防止皮肤细胞受损,平衡愈口伤口功效

  • 适合任何肤质使用


  • provide high UV protection to the skin

  • safety and non-toxicity standard product

  • It’s mineral and physical sunscreen concentrates

  • Refreshing and hydrating skin

  • fight against free radicals and gives maximum protection to all skin types

*Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product.

Ms. Pafe Comfort Kits
Ms. Pafe Comfort Kits
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