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K-MOM Naturefree Baby Wet Wipes - 30pcs x 10

K-MOM Naturefree Baby Wet Wipes - 30pcs x 10
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Naturefree Baby Wet Wipes - 30pcs x 10
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Product Information
Product details of K-MOM Organic Portable Wipes 30s Q: What makes K-Mom Naturefree Wet Wipes different from others? A: Eco-Cert certified by EU (European Union) for organic peppermint ingredient, Naturefree Wet Wipes contain 4 other natural ingredients & FREE from 9 harmful chemicals! Quality material specially made by Lenzing, a leading fibre innovation company in Austria! Each & every piece of wipe goes through 6 layers of filtration so it is ultra purified!  PRODUCT FEATURES: - Organic peppermint extract has anti-bacterial effect & keeps delicate skin of baby supple  - Organic peppermint extract is suitable for babies with sensitive skin - Eco-Cert by EU certifies organic peppermint ingredient safe for use - Free of 9 harmful chemicals possibly used in other wipes (fluorescent brightener, coloring, alcohol, formaldehyde, paraben, MIT&CMI, phenoxyethanol, benzalkonium chloride, surfactant) - 4 natural ingredients used (organic peppermint, glycerine, beeswax, aloe vera) - Use of ingredients in manufacturing certified by KTR Korea as safe & contains no harmful chemicals that may aggravate skin - Safe & hygienic manufacturing process as certified by ISC (International Standards Certification Pty, Ltd)  - 6 levels of water purification process to ensure safety of product (Auto A/C filter system, auto water softner, micro filter system, reverse osmosis system, ultraviolet sterilizer, final micro filter system)  - Quality fibre material by Lenzing for soft cotton like effect  PRODUCT DETAILS: - Size of wipe: 150 x 200mm  - Material: Fibre  - Ingredients: Ultrapurified water, organic mint, aloe vera, glycerine, beeswax, food-grade antibacterial agent, cosmetic-grade antibacterial agent, citric acid  - Special Feature: Peak-a-boo window at side for quick & easy look at condition/quantity  - 100% MADE IN KOREA
K-MOM Naturefree Baby Wet Wipes - 30pcs x 10
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