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Mix Tea 纤纤丽娇八宝茶 120g

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Mix Tea 纤纤丽娇八宝茶 120g (12g x10pkt)

Product Introduction

Mix Tea is developed according to the traditional formula and modern tea drinking habits, and is refined by modern advanced technology. Sweet and delicious, memorable, is the ideal home and business office drinks.

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Product Information

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Mix Tea 纤纤丽娇八宝茶 120g (12g x10pkt)

Drinking Method

Put 1 bag into cup, infuse boiled water and wait for 2-3 minutes before drinking. The second infusing still keep its perfect taste. Making it cool in refrigerator will give you a fresh taste.

Mix Tea 纤纤丽娇八宝茶 120g
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